I wake up to my alarm in the morning after I’ve snoozed it for fifteen minutes. I get up, brush my teeth and go to my closet. I pick up my favorite Calvin Klein boxers, and before slipping on my pants, I snap a few mirror pictures with my phone. I put on the rest of my clothes and rush to the train station. Luckily, I make it in time. While I’m sitting in the train I go through the pictures I took, select the best one, choose a moody, faded filter and publish it on my Instagram account with a hashtag #mycalvins. Throughout the day I check how many likes and comments I’ve gotten and I am happy about the positive feedback. I feel like I’m part of something big.

Great — and even controversial — advertisement campaigns have fascinated me since I was a kid. When social media really hit us all, the campaigns have gotten more and more clever. My favorite one must be Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins -campaign that got everyone talking when famous Canadian pop artist — Justin Bieber — starred as their face for the first time in the beginning of 2015.


PHOTO FROM HERE // Picture credit: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Calvin Kelin photoshoot 2015

According to a study by Astrid Keel and Natan Nataraajan (Celebrity Endorsements and Beyond: New Avenues for Celebrity Branding) from Auburn University, celebrities can help advertisements stand out and enter new markets. This statement is valid with #mycalvins -campaign. And why? Because numbers don’t lie.

With the help of the nostalgia Calvin Klein has as a brand and social celebrities, the ”wildly successful” campaign got people — just like me — share their shots with the hashtag #mycalvins all over social media. Today there are over 322 000 pictures shared on Instagram and the number is increasing all the time. By having a strong celebrity endorsement, Calvin Klein was able to get their customers promote the product, which increases the knowledge of the brand — and most importantly — the size of the company’s wallet.

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Are we buying a product or a famous face?

Ladies (and gentleman) we have all been there, you need let´s say a new mascara, but you have no idea which one you should buy.You go to the beauty department and find yourself drawn to the one that has a beautiful celebrity on their ad.And more often than not  you end up buying the product without thinking rationally why you actually chose that specific product. And that is why cosmetic brands use celebrities on their ads and as their spokespersons.We as a customer like the idea of sharing a product with a celebrity and that is why cosmetic brands like to use celebrities in their branding.

Most of the beauty brands that i can think of are using celebrities as a part of their brand building. If you give me a beauty brand I usually can name a celebrity that has worked with them, so it´s not a surprise that celebrity endorsement is considered as one of the most known marketing tools in the cosmetics industry. It is considered as a winning strategy to build a unique identity for the brand.(The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Creating Brand Loyalty, Marc Audi, 2015)So it does make a lot of sense why all these brands would spend their money on celebrities to be on their ads. But in order for the endorsement to be successful, there are three different attributes the celebrity needs to communicate to the consumers. These are; credibility, attractiveness and power (Byrne, Whitehead & Breen, 2003p.291) So brands must be careful when choosing the right person for the job.

I can safely say that we all know that cosmetic brands use celebrities to advertise their products, but what we don´t often think about is how important it is for the brand that they choose the right one. Even though it’s not an easy task to select the proper celebrity, it is even tougher to create a match between the celebrity and the brand(Marc Audi).But there are brands that have done this very effectively. For example my personal favorite make-up brand MAC has worked with several high profile celebrities on their Viva Glam Campaign over the years,and their limited edition collections have always sold out.This is an excellent example where a company has paid a lot of attention in choosing the right celebrities that complement their brand image to endorse their products, and had amazing results.

So at the end of the day when we are shopping  at the beauty department are we buying the actual product or a famous face?




Article:The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Creating Brand Loyalty: An Application on the Lebanese Cosmetic Sector’s Demand, Marc Audi, 2015





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A Great coffee experience

If someone asks you what does brand experience mean, what would you answer? Basically, it is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses provoked by brand-related stimuli. Such stimuli appear as part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments. A great customer experience comes with a good brand strategy, and if the customers like what they experience, they will become loyal to you.


picture from here

When speaking of purchasing such thing like coffee at the coffee shop, usually if the ordered coffee is average, customer remembers the experience more easily than the actual purchase and that how creates their own image of the brand. According to the Katrin Owrens study Branding Experience  “If the consumer has strong and positive brand experiences, he or she will remember this, and the chances are that he or she will choose the same brand again”.


photo from here

For example if you think about Starbucks. Whenever you go there, its full of people just chatting with friends and drinking coffee. What makes Starbucks such a great experience for the customer is that they make personal contact with the customers when they shout the actual name of the customer instead of just “latte” or “espresso”. It is more pleasant for the customer and makes a great unique experience for them. Starbucks brand experience is not just the names on the cups, it includes the unlimited amount of different coffees and drinks, friendly employees, great atmosphere, different kind of cups for different seasons and so on.


picture from here

All in all, people want the service to be personal and unique experience, and if the company gives what the customers want and more, no doubt they will be succeed.

Fiina Tigerstedt


Owren Katrine, Brand experience

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Building a brand – the importance of logos and fonts

When you are starting up a company and you come to a point where you think about the brand – you should really think about it. They say that ”brand is a promise given to a customer”. So you don’t want to give a promise you are going to break, right? So make it count. Customer is only the most important piece for your company since it is the one who’s paying your salary.


Picture from here

In my own words, brand is kind of like a face of the company. Eyes are the logo since you always look at them first. Behind the face there is the company itself. The face, the brand, shoud be impressive, pretty, clear and simple – so that consumers can take a step towards you. The face is your most recognizable thing – thing that you are recognized from.

According to the study of British Psychological society  (Letter-case information and the identification of brand names) it seems that if the brand name is constantly and commonly printed with the same format, colour and font it is more identifiable and memorable. When customers think about the brand name they start to think about the logo/symbol as well. It works just the opposite too – if you see companies’ logos you will think about the companies as well.

logo vaihtoehdot

Picture from here

In my opinion logos tell stories about the company. What the company is like and what is its vision and what kind of company it wants to be. At least my imagination starts to run when I see these fonts above. Immediately I start to think about what kind of company could use this font and in what purpose. And as below, fonts are the same but the story is a whole lot of different – yet you can still recognize those companies.


Picture from here

apple logo

Picture from here

Let’s take an example. Apple’s first logo wasn’t just an apple. In the first version Isaac Newton was sitting under the tree and an apple was about to drop on to his head. The logo was not that well understood and recognized because of its many many details. So it seems that customers want something that has to be easy to see and easy to understood and at the same point something simple. So Apple created a logo which was nothing more than an apple. And there it was, maybe the most well known logo in the business world – simple.

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Develop to a brand

How my story began…

It was 2010, I was 15 years old and my beautician asked me to help her to paint children’s faces on children’s day in front of our primary school. As I love children and make-up, I agreed. After painting uncountable amounts of faces in 5 hours on a very warm summer day, we were counting our tip boxes. I could not believe that there were almost 200€ in my box and noticeably less in my beauticians one. That time, I did not know why there was such a huge difference. Later on the city fest people came to me and were saying: „You looked so relaxed, even though there were so many kids waiting and you painted without any breaks!“ They also started to asked about my make-up and hair that day and if I also do adults’ make-ups.
I was just doing that on family and friends and I was not thinking about being a professional Visagist that time.
Today, I am a professional self employed Make-Up & Hair Artist and Photographer. What began as a mini job to finance my studies is almost a full time job back in Germany.

In this blogpost, I would like to share my experience with you, how you can develop yourself as a brand and how you can build strong customer trust.

For me, finding a suitable market gap and being authentic are the most important parts.
When I started, there were a lot of beauticians, hairdressers and photographers in my city. But the difference is, that I have been offering all those 3 services in one person.
People like it simple and time-effective.

Also, people like to be connected with you and share their experience with others, so I started my Facebook and Instagram page last year. My clients can share their photos from my page with others and can give my service a rating, which brings new clients to me.
It is easy to be connected via social media and you can reach so many people!

The last advice I would like to share with you in this post is, that you always need to be up to date and find something new.
My last recent offer for my clients are beauty evenings.
Simple, but effective. I do not know a single women who does not like it to have a great evening with beauty-stuff and champagne at home with her best friends. So I will come to teach them several things about make-up for around 2-3 hours.

And at the end of the evening, they would love to buy some of the make-up equipment they used during the workshop, because they could feel and see the difference.
Nothing sells better than emotional connections!

Here you can see some photos of my last shootings:

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Here you can find my current offers on my website:
(Unfortunately everything is in German, but I would be happy to answer any of your questions in the comments)

And here are the links to my Facebook and Instagram pages:
(I am opperating on these pages in German and English)
Let me know, whenever you have any questions. I am happy to answer them!


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