More is too much

Catching customers’ attention has been a bull-run for decades. More, brighter, for all senses! The criteria of putting the information first has blurred. No, it’s all about getting the door open with playing with people’s senses – sight, hearing, even touch. When the attention is dragged to the target the information is revealed. Yes, you might think you are in hunt for information – the best car tires or the most long-lasting nail polish – but the reality is you will get coughed to the web of marketing communication.

Why don’t the companies purely go to war the product and price first? Well, one might not be able to fight against the low prices of competitors. You also need to stand out from the competitors for your regular customers. Not to mention we, the target, want to be taken as ravishly as a young virgin bride on her wedding night. Marketing communication has been about innovating more powerful and in-your-face ways of being noticed. Let’s take the classic example of United Colors Of Benetton. The photographs of racial equality and HIV-awareness found their way to both people’s coffee table conversations and the news. Another example of websites that put you off with their too-much-everything is the adult entertainment sites. Pictures, video clips, adds, lights flashing and links that lead you nowhere. A total Hell but still the most searched material in the World Wide Web. The on-going more is more can eventually meet nothing but a dead end.

Fazer downshifted the graphic design in the packages of its lollies. Less certainly was more. The Fazer Classics stood out from the rainbow-colored shelf of sweets. The old wisdom of clothing shopping goes the less garments hanging on the racks, the more expensive the shop is. Selectiveness is the key to send out the message of high quality. H&M and other low-price trademarks compete on quantity but GUESS on quality.  Less seems to be the new more in marketing communications. This will be for a while until the circle closes again and comes back to moremoremore. I do believe a certain simplicity and information based customer service will stay in fashion no matter what.

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4 Responses to More is too much

  1. raisavarsta says:

    Excellent examples! Waiting for the 80’s advertising to come back 🙂

  2. janneitolonen says:

    Great text and examples. 🙂

  3. saripajala says:

    I have the same wish, that also in advertising less will be more. But when looking by accident at TV shop advertisements or these Saunalahti flops, I sometimes wonder, how stupid as a customer I am taken. I would like to be challenged too by given something to new to think about or at least amused by good humour.

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