You can read minds, how?

You want to commit your customers to your company or to your goods ofcourse. Read their minds is a simple answer, but how to do it is little more complicated. Here are some steps how to do that. You have to be a bit of a psychologist now, but it is one of the most important elements when you try to commit customers.

When customers buy first time your goods they note how they have been served. That is first and the most important connection between you and your customer. Next time when goods run out, they remember where and how they have been served when they bought their goods. If their image of that moment is positive they will come again.

Second time customers expect service same way they had the first time. It’s important to cement their image of service connected with your goods. That makes them repeating customers. Teach your customers to expect good service and quality products and then you’ll have loyal customers.

You learn in this situation important things yourself. What goods your customers buy tells something about them and you can use that knowledge in marketing. You can market them goods that go together with goods they have bought before. You must have good knowledge of your goods because customers may ask about this new product you suggest to them. That is important moment. If customers experience they have professional information they probably buy it or they think it over and they will come later and buy it. Or what is even better, they tell about your good service and products to their friends. That is real marketing!

 At this moment you have taught to your customers the value of your goods, service and your knowledge of your goods. You have picked up yourself some important things of your customers, their needs, attitude and lifestyle. This is bed to build successful campaign.

Goods they buy tell about their needs. Your customers needs, are needs physiological or are your customers wanted to be respected? How are their outlook and how it affect to their needs. There are needs that are not activated. How we can wake them. Suggest to your customers new products and you will see how they affect your customer and teach them to need those new products.



Source: Markkinoinnin kilpalpailukeinot, Lahtinen, Isoviita, Hytönen

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2 Responses to You can read minds, how?

  1. metsapeiju says:

    Great portrait of customer service as it should proceed! Unfortunately very often good purpose crashes in to the wall of human acts. Well thought theory of succesful service chain will be destroyed by one less customer-oriented sales person who is not motivated enough to read customers needs. It is so important to understand that customer service today is much more than delivering stuff to buyers hands! Good customer service is remarkable competitive edge and key to succcess.

  2. raisavarsta says:

    Yes, needs are the base for any busines (as well as marketing). Some succesful businesman has said, that all big and famous brands are managed thru customer needs. This means that you should create the brand by carefully thinking the whole “need-portfolio” your customer and respond to as many needs as possible (with your product and/or service). For more information, look f.ex Malcolm Chernatory’s books.

    But how to read a customer’s mind? That remains still a miracle. Sometimes you feel that you’ve catched an idea, next you realise that you still don’t know enough 🙂

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