NoHow customer services.. How to act when you get a reclamation?

Customers are Ignoring You

Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)

Service!  What is service nowadays? People appreciate more and more service and quality of it. In today’s world the service is all the time more reduced and it goes to the most automated services providers.


I think it can be the savings when you do not have people = Customer service as an expense.
In fact I appreciate more and more the fact that I get really personal service and that it is a “real living” person whom I am working with.

I’m an account manager and I am working in customer service and making sales work for B-to-B markets. My job is to maintain existing customer relationships and create more new ones.

Customer will be your customer now and in future if you are able to serve him well and you have to be able to help him in difficult situations. When person make the service work is almost impossible to avoid mistakes and if you are selling products what are made by machinery so even there is possibility of failures. “thus proving that the machines do mistakes also” 🙂

From mistake you get feedback or complain. Complaint can be delivered to you in many ways. Maybe screaming it in your face or how they really should be treated is in a written claim.
The claim should always be handled as soon as possible. ASAP does not mean that you do it bungling attempt. You have to specifically focuses on what you’re trying to tell and why.

Reclamation (claim) is the best way to get feedback and often is the only one. Notice of claim must always be interpreted in a constructive even if the customer would be how angry at the time. Notice of claim must always be treated especially well.

If you take well care of your complaint it could be your “business card” it can spread word of mouth and its way to help you find new customers.

However, if you take care of it poorly it will always be difficult to meet that client and he may also tends to let others hear about how badly you take care of your business.
Also keep in mind if the claim is caused by you or your product and a claim based on the right reason it important to replace the damage but allow the customer to realize the fair compensation. When the customer has calmed down and the claim is handled well. So usually the customer is already happy that someone has taken care about their problem and listened to him. In many cases the customers claim for compensation may be negligible.

What do you think of this matter? These arguments are not based on any research of someone else.  These are my opinions and how I might be taking care of this kind of situation.
Have a nice day and thank you for the incoming feedback 🙂


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5 Responses to NoHow customer services.. How to act when you get a reclamation?

  1. raisavarsta says:

    I think you make excellent point here based on your long experience with customers. And the science actually supports your findings, look f. ex.

  2. tuijasivula says:

    I liked your opinion about how handle feedback and it is very important part of customer service. Many companies don’t understand that. I have seen situations that answer to customers reclamation takes too long time and that makes customer more angry as if they have anwered immediatly and they makes other to know how they been treated. Naturally feedback is point to grow our selfs and then we could see what we can do better than we done before and after that we are even better in our job.

  3. satuspenttinen says:

    I agree with you! Taking care of reclamations and customer feedbacks as smooth as possible is really important. At the same time customers are getting more and more demanding and it is not an easy job to keep them satisfied .

  4. katripaulamaki says:

    You are totally right about “allow the customer to realize the fair compensation”. I have never made any claims before, but now I decided to made exception. I bought the coffee maker ( a while ago) and noticed that after a while the lock in the coffee filter became rusty. I desided to make a claim and return it back to the seller. I was prepared for the worst, either seller refuses to accept my claim or tries to blame me for using the coffee maker with wrong way. So therefore I had prepared some explanations beforehand. Then I walked in, a little guardedly, and told the seller my issue. For my suprise, the seller listened me calmly and agreed with me about the problem. Then the seller asked if it would be fair to have a new one for replacement. I was more than happy to walk out with my new coffee maker! I might even go back to that store again because of the way they handled my claim.

  5. istop2013 says:

    I think that service in B-to-B markets means that you are accurate, fast and honest to the customers. In the business environment I work my customers appreciate things I mentioned. Better service you can provide means more money to you in a long run. When we get complaints we very easily do full compensation for the customer. If price of the product is not that much it’s the easiest way to take care of complaints.

    We are trying to do some kind of surveys occasionally to find out what our customers to think about the service we provide them. That’s something to take an account when reparing you next year budget. If something reveals you know what to improve to have more satisfield customer’s in the future. Reasonable investments pay back.

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