Diffusion of innovations

In everyday life, many of us know the situation in which they ask themselves “Is there a workable solution already invented“? For me, this situation will occur during my weekly food shopping trip. Sweat runs along the back, when I carry 15 kg grocery bags in both of my hands. “Exercise makes me fit” – I keep saying to myself, trying to keep my spirits up, while two small children should motivate to go forward at the same time.

Indeed, there is a solution to this problem – online food shopping. A large number of Finns have found this solution, according to an article in Taloussanomat – magazines. Food online shopping in Finland has risen by 80 per cent last year, but still this “innovation” is taking its first steps in Finland. For example, the purchasing of food online is already a reality in the Great Britain.

Google shows that online food online stores are available to consumers especially in the metropolitan area. The question is, why consumers have not yet adopted the new purchasing channels in wider use in Finland?

“Innovation is the company brought to market by a new or significantly improved product (good or service), the implementation of a new or significantly improved process or the implementation of a new marketing method” as Tilastokeskus determines the innovation. In Finland the slow development of online food shopping is certainly influenced by the fact that neither of the market leaders Kesko or S- ryhmä have launched their own food online stores. At present, e-commerce providers are small operators, whose marketing efforts do not reach a large audience. Growing demand, however, would encourage companies to develop new services and solutions.

So if I want companies to bring more competition in the food online store, I need to become active. Involved in the market, I need to bring my hopes up. By purchasing food from an online store I will give the market a message that this service is worth investing in. When the grocery bags have been delivered to my doorstep for the first time and all has gone beyond all expectations, I should applaud the service to my neighbours and advise others in social media service chat rooms.

The word is spreading and new users will join in. In a short time an innovation becomes a part of everyday life. Social media influences people’s buying behaviour, because that’s where people will search for information.

The first step of new direction requires the courage dare to change our buying behaviour. Setting an Example will encourage other users. Could it really be true that in a few years from now, I could laugh at the memory of how I am struggling to get my way home with heavy grocery bags, dreaming about an easier solution? Let’s take an innovation in to an action.

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3 Responses to Diffusion of innovations

  1. satuspenttinen says:

    We Finns are maybe slow on adapting new consuming habits (and new purchasing channels) but once we get started you can not stops us 🙂 This definitely sounds something I could try. Anything that eases my everyday life is warmly welcomed.

  2. marjohel says:

    I think this a great possibility e.g. for the elderly during winter time when the weather is challenging. I’ve read of online food shopping too but why on earth I didn’t remember this service when I had an awful flu and nobody did shoppings for me…

  3. lainiola says:

    One of the biggest challenges in Online Groceries is probably the distribution – think of the last time something was delivered to your home. Usually the deliveries are done in some sort of time range – say e.g. between 17 – 20 or 16 – 21. This is fine when you are purchasing some sort of commodity like electronics, hobby equipment or some sort of other purchase that is done not-that-often. BUT when we are talking about food at least I am not willing to wait around for hours once or twice per week. The delivery chain needs to work without a flaw before this can really become a thing for the masses.

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