My story of why prefer leasing over owned assets

I started as a Sales assistant in IT leasing Service Company 3 Step IT in October 2011. By then I was not very familiar with leasing especially in the It equipment field. More or less the whole picture of leasing business was not very flattering. I had heard stories about companies having a hard time ending the lease term and getting rid of the old equipment. But when I saw the announcement for the job, I had to find out more, because it was so interesting.

After the job interview I still was not sure what the company’s product was all about, but I was sure that I had to be a part of it. All the things we were talking about with the interviewer and what I was told to made sense. Most importantly the company’s business seemed transparent that was not something I thought leasing would be. I think the most surprising thing was the fact that the 3 Step IT wanted to have the leased assets back after the lease term.

Today I have worked in 3 Step IT for about one and a half year. Yes, I still think the idea is good and more importantly the company’s business is really transparent. Time has gone literally on wigs, but still there is a lot to learn and accomplish. It may sound Hippocratic to you, but I really think that we are making a difference. We are literally providing used assets a new life and at the same time more people have a chance to use a computer.

Most of the companies that don’t want to consider leasing IT equipment have based their decisions on minimizing the costs. In my opinion specifically leasing would be the answer rather than buying. And why is that? Well, have you ever thought that what is the actual age for example a laptop which is used at work? It will work fine for two maybe even three years, but after that.. Not so well I guess. Well then you can always go out and buy a new one, but what happens to the old one? And how much is for example the company you are working in, spending money on It support when it comes to devices over three years old?

Buying assets is a big expense especially when you need to replace many computers at the same time. With leasing you can divide the expenses for a longer period of time and you don’t have to tie up capital on own devices. And it’s so easy, because you can flexibly replace the old devices with new ones. 3 Step IT will come and pick up the old devices and on top of all you don’t have to worry about the security of the old devices because that is taken care of by 3 Step IT.

After erasing the old user’s data and files from the hard drive the computers are being cleaned and packed for delivery to their new homes. Some people are asking “what will happen to them after that?” and by that they mean the time when the device is no longer working. Well I honestly don’t know. We can only hope that the new owners are doing the right thing, just like we are doing with those devices which we cannot sell forward. I can’t believe that it would anyhow be on 3 Sept IT’s responsibility to author on what will happen to the sold assets on the end.

However some people seem to think otherwise. Or is it just the fact that someone needs to be blamed? Does anyone ask the device suppliers that what happens to the device after it’s no longer useful? I don’t think so. So why should the reseller be responsible? I think leasing and reselling the leased assets is much more ecological due than any other way to handle old devices. A computer which you can’t no longer use at work can still work just fine for several years for some other user for example at school or in private sector.

3 Step IT provides an asset management portal for all their customers. The customer can manage and see the state of all of their assets at the same time from the same register. They don’t have to worry about paying for rent long after the lease term is ended because 3 Step IT will remind many times that the lease term is ending. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer and recommend 3 Step IT model over buying.

As I mentioned earlier, the stories of leasing doesn’t always have a happy ending. Is leasing the right solution for you if you can’t get rid of the devices after the lease term has ended? Is buying the answer for you if you attend to keep the devices? For the smaller companies it may be, but for the medium and large sized companies I think leasing and the service provided by 3 Step It is a brilliant solution.

Now some of you may understand why I’m still excited of my workplace after one and a half years. I’ve worked in customer service now over ten years on different fields with consumers and some with b to b markets. However this is the first place where I can be honest to customers and the customers are served properly. In some of my previous workplaces it was not so important to keep promises to customers. In here it’s the most important thing.

I think that’s the way it should be. You should be able to go home from work with a clean conscience every day. And you should be proud to be a part of the organization you work in. Some of us work just for money, but for me there is more to it. I want to believe in what I’m doing. I think the bottom line is that you have to be proud of what you do to succeed. So did I get your attention? Well if I did, there happens to be an open position in our customer service you may want to check out..

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3 Responses to My story of why prefer leasing over owned assets

  1. katilindfors says:

    Your writing contains good arguments on behalf of leasing service. You wrote that the part of the people think negatively about leasing activity. The reason for this may be that the leasing agreements are not considered to be ecological. People might think that these three years old goods are exported to be destroyed and thrown into a landfill.
    The company, which re-use their customers’ second hand computers, and have taken action into their own business, has approached the issue from the right angles. Leasing is not a waste of natural resources and the leasing taking customer actually gets to enjoy only the advantages of leasing agreement.
    Writing woke me realize that yes companies bound by capital goods, and would rather own than rent goods. But at the same time, temporary work has increased steadily in recent years. I think it would be wiser to give up three years of old computers and leasing new goods to replace, than that given off by a long-term staff because salaries are considered a burden. Long-term employee is a valuable asset, but a long-term computer is not.

  2. saanamerio says:

    It’s nice to here that someone is exited from her job 🙂 It would be nice to be in your shoes 😀

  3. blogittaja says:

    You have good opinions about leasing benefits!

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