How does your self-image affect to you as an consumer?

By self-image we mean the self-knowledge that everyone has about themselves. Self-image includes the opinions about surrounding world compared to your principles and values. It changes and develops through the life because of different kinds of feedback that people get from what they´re doing and how they are acting in diverse situations.

When thinking about the impact of self-image on buyer behaviour, can not be said that it doesn’t have a major part, because it surely does.

Buyer behaviour is affected by the purchasing desire and the ability to buy. The ability to buy is linked to self-image in the sense that it creates some opinions about yourself. Self-image usually might suffer a bit when ability to buy is too low. Actually that is a big problem in today´s society when thinking about exclusion, I think.

However, when I think of me as a consumer, I´m aware of that my values (and of course the lack of money, usually..) affects my buying behaviour. For example, I see myself as an quite ecological and practical (or at least I try to be..) consumer.  Because of my values, I try to avoid buying things that I don´t need, and especially things that I wouldn´t even use. 

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One Response to How does your self-image affect to you as an consumer?

  1. muihong2013 says:

    I totally agree that self-image has a big impact on one’s consuming behavior. But then the roles can be switched very easily any time and a newly learned or adopted consuming behavior can reform one’s self-image as well. As I was writing about how marketers take advantage of learning theories in marketing their strategy I realized that many ads are made to evoke values in order to change consumers’ behavior. They definitely know how to influence consumers with their ads. Nowadays we see ads everywhere every day and it is inevitable that some of them have sunk into our conscious and unconscious. This absorbed information can be projected as changes in our consumer behavior. In the end is the consuming related self-image build by us or rather a production of thousands of ads we have seen. Then can we say that we are the boss of our consuming behavior or are advertisements ruling us?

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