Shop until you drop


Shop until you drop!

This blog tells you about how our shopping behaviors has changed from the 80` until today. My name is Leea and I think that I have to become a modern granny and change my shopping behaviors.

I went yesterday to my daughter’s house and met her children Jack and Julia. Jack had new jeans and a new sweater. Julia was wearing a nice dress and pretty silvery shoes. I asked them where did mommy buy them? Was it at H&M or Stockmann? They both started to laugh and said- “oh, granny you are so last season”.

Don’t you know that mommy buys our clothes from England, France and all over the world. What did you say?  I did not know that mommy has been travelling?  So they laughed again and said “haven’t you ever heard about the online stores on internet?  What can you buy clothes on internet? The only things I have bought on the net are airline tickets and tickets to a movie.

Please, can you show how you can find clothes and all kinds of goods on internet? Jack opened their Ipad and started to show me how to do it. I did not believe my eyes how quick he was when he surfed on the net. He opened for example this site and I saw all the shoes which are made by Nike.

These are pretty ones!

nike shoes

Then he opened this site They were selling all the stuff you need for a skateboard. Then he told me that you just choose what you want to buy, how you want the things to be delivered and at last you have to select the payment method.  As you see, granny it´s so easy!


Shopping in the 80’s and 90’s

I went home and wondered how different it is to buy today than it was earlier. It was and it still is a Finnish habit to take the kids from the kindergarten and take them to the shopping centers or your local K-market.

During the 80’s and 90’s   we got information about trends and new clothes form the TV and magazines or from our friends. When our kids where young we bought their clothes from special stores or department stores. Usually it happened on the day we got our salary. We packed all the family to our car and drew to the nearest department store or a special store.

There we walked around and looked what the supply was, where it was made and of course what was the price. It was easy when the kids were younger as the parents decided what to buy.

When they got older it was horrible! As soon as we got in to the car we had a terrible fight! They did not understand that they could not get everything. I tried to explain how much money we can spend this time. They wanted the same as their friends.  I understood that it was important to wear same kind of clothes so that they were accepted in their group. At last we came to the department store and it was there were I lost my nerves several times. It took hours and hundreds of shops to find something that satisfied them.

So far I have been buying my clothes and all my goods in special stores or in department stores. I have to drive to the nearest shop and it might take hours before I find anything. I often come home with empty hands!

Nowadays you don’t have to leave your home for shopping- just take your computer or phone and start shopping!  At the moment  when I work and have classes four days a week I decided to give the net a chance and change my shopping behaviors!

The next day I started my surfing on the net

First of all I thought that what my shopping behaviors are. I have never ever bought any clothes or other stuff on the net (except tickets).  Is it really easier to buy on the net? I cannot try how different material’s feels in my hand? Is the real color the same as it is on the net? Will I get the stuff when I need it etc. What is the most important thing that I need at the moment? How much can it cost?  When do I need it? What are the payment methods? I tried to understand the factors which affect our buying behavior.

I decided to buy a new golf bag!

As I have been playing golf for many years I am aware of the different brands. Now it is for me to decide whether I want to play with the same kind of golf bag as most of my friends?  Do I have to listen if my husband has something to say, as he thinks he is an expert?  What about my personality and my values?

I started to write a list of my needs

  • I need the bag in April 2013
  • I can spend  between 100- 150 €
  • the supplier must be reliable
  • I want a black bag
  • It must be a carry bag
  • It must have many pockets
  • It cannot be heavy
  • I want it delivered home
  • I must have a right to return it
  • I must have a right to have my money back

I find out that I have to think out of many things before my decision. So the next step is to identify the problems. Where shall I bay it- from a Finnish supplier- a supplier for the UK or USA? Shall I buy it on the net, or shall I call and order it?

The next thing for me was to search for the information. I started to surf and find out many suppliers- which supplier shall I chose?

Step number three is to compere the options. The supplier with the best prices?  The material of the bag? The best payment methods?

Step number 4 for is the most difficult because now I have to make my decision and to purchase the bag.

I don’t know if I am ready for this!!! I think it is easier for me to go to Golf Balance and buy a bag. There professional salesmen will tell me what is the best choice for me. But, no I will not give up! I called Jack and asked if he could help me with this. He promised to come on Saturday, so I will keep on surfing for bags on Saturday.

I woked up in the morning and had my breakfast. After a while I heard the doorbell ring, and there he was my little helper. Jack asked if had been looking for bags already. The answer was no, so we started.

golf bags – Kopio

This shopping world is something! I did not even in my wildest dreams think that there were so many companies on the net. I could get information of the bags as much as I wanted. All the factors I had on my list were easy to find.

After surfing for couple of hours I had decided from where I will buy the bag.  The bag that met all my requirements was a black Ogio. The price was 125€ delivered by post and now I just have to wait for postman Pat.

Here it is, my brand new bag!

My bag

I was very satisfied with my new bag. It was easy to use the internet for shoppping, so I think I will shop until I drop!

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  1. saanamerio says:

    I just love your writing 🙂 It’s funny and exact!

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