Trends in movies

How does the trends influence customers buying behavior? Well.. it depends on customer.

I work in shop that sales movies and I can tell that people are very much following the trends in this business, when it is new and hip it will sell.

When I started this job people were buying their movies in VHS format. But when dvd was released it very fast took its place as number one in the movie format battle and it still is most popular format. It was clear that when your friends buy all the same movies they already had at home, again in this new better format you did the same.. if you followed the new trend.

It was very important that the movie companies were awake and make also the older movies in dvd, not just the new releases to get the best profit from the beginning. Same thing happened when blu-ray was released, but the grow has been slower than before whit dvd.

Is it because people are not following trends in movie business anymore? Well… No!    There is a new powerful trend that has dropped movie sales almost 20% in last three years! Online movie rental services such as Netflix, HBO Nordic and Viaplay. At the same time when movie sales are dropped that 20% and movie rental business is dying the online rental services has increased their income over 75% (in Finland)

There are still customers who wants their movies on dvd or blu-ray discs, this shows that not everyone is following trends and are happy to own it on dvd or blu-ray.


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2 Responses to Trends in movies

  1. Ariane says:

    I totally agree with you that there are still many customers who want their movies on dvd or blue-ray discs, but the truth probably is that online rental business will win the most customers.

  2. soinnun13 says:

    Well, their amount is dropping who are happy to own DVD or blue-ray discs. This pattern is due to inertia, where a DVD is bought because it is easier and it doesn’t require any fuss. But when the buying pattern is finally changed due to price reduction, it is easier to continue online movie rental services. This is a future trend until the next trend becomes.

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