Reaching for what “I wish to be” as a buying motive

Many people are motivated to reach for what “I wish to be”, by buying the certain food products. Just a few examples: diet and organic products. And I`m one of those persons, I try to think my diet and environment. But too often I just take easy food to go, which doesn`t fulfill these requirements. I can`t deny that.

You can have several motives when you buy only one good: social, psychological, social economic etc. Motivation explains the behavior of the buyer and a buying motive is the driving force behind to purchase the goods. Mine driving force is usually hunger and I just try to grab a food which doesn`t need much of preparing or preparing at all: fruits, yoghurt, salads, protein bars. So I`m a single, a very busy person whose always hungry and on diet. And sometimes I try to remember think environment. Nice combination of motives 🙂

It is very important to know customers buying motives. A motive refers to emotion, urge, thought, drive and feeling. Need comes easily to motive in some point and grocery stores can make customers need products we don`t need. A smell of freshly baked bread or a bun is just a cruel way to get customers inside the store. I think we women, have less capability to resist the temptations in stores, because we act often with our feelings. It`s easier to get us buy all the incredible offers, when it comes to food and a clothes!

Age, gender, profession, education or residence doesn`t necessarily tell anything about the customer and the buying motives, because peoples life situations and values can vary a lot nowadays. So it is very important to understand different thoughts and lifestyles… And what they wish to be 🙂

Some more about buying motives:


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3 Responses to Reaching for what “I wish to be” as a buying motive

  1. tuulianeuvonen says:

    I recognize the “i wish to be” as one of my buying motives. I wish to eat really healthy but sometimes I just don’t have the energy to start cooking after a workday and buy a ready to eat meal.

    The blog was fun to read but I don’t agree with you that women have less capability to resist temptations. I am a woman and I rarely buy anything else than what’s on my shopping list. I think what matters more is your lifestyle and personality.

  2. janneitolonen says:

    I like your text, fun 😀

  3. timokahanpaa says:

    You have good point in your post. Of course you see your points in woman*s point of view. I am a man and i have to admit that sometimes i don*t even think what i buy to eat since i am hungry and want to have something to eat right away! Well in my opinion now a days people really think what they buy to eat and also want to know what the food they buy includes. It*s good to think and find out what you are swallowing by your mouth!

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