The final nail in the coffin – badly handled reclamations

Handling reclamations is a critical part of the customer relationship. Previous parts of the relationship could have gone very well. But if you handle the reclamation badly, becomes the customer the former customer. And like we all know it’s always cheaper to keep the existing customers than to get new ones.


Handling reclamations is the final part of the customer relationship – by more, commit and recommend. How many times have you said the following phrase: “I will never use this company again!” I admit to saying that. When reclamations are handled badly it doesn’t cause the customer to be quiet and not recommend. It causes the customer to be very vocal and not recommend. He will tell everyone how bad service he got.

The old saying “customer is always right” is still true. It doesn’t really matter if the customer is actually right if he thinks he is wronged. I don’t mean that you should let the customer walk all over you. But you should pay attention to the way you are speaking. The reason for the reclamation might be that the customer didn’t know how to use something properly. But nobody wants to hear that they are dumb.

Why do customers react so strongly to how their reclamations are handled? It connects to a few basic values. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and feel appreciated. Belittling the situation or blaming the customer will make the customer feel just the opposite. Trust is also a key issue. The customers trust that they will get their money’s worth. Badly handled reclamation will break this trust.

You shouldn’t be afraid of reclamations because they are a part of business and you can’t avoid them altogether. You should take them as opportunities. As an opportunity to make the customer more committed to your company. I still the remember what happened to me when I was a child. I found a strange object in my bag of candy and sent it to the manufacturer. I got back a box full of candy. After twenty years I still think it’s the best candy company there is!


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2 Responses to The final nail in the coffin – badly handled reclamations

  1. minnakulo says:

    Hi Tuulia! I liked what you had written on the subject, especially about your experiences 🙂

  2. soinnun13 says:

    You are quite right. Badly handled reclamations of one customer who isn’t satisfied influence other’s opinions heavily. I am no exception; I trust a word-of-mouth.

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