Who owns my mind?

I was looking myself at the mirror and I didn’t look good. The color of my hair had fainted. Also the hair was too long. It was time to burn some money and call my hairdresser.  A month later I was sitting in the hairdressers chair. The dresser had left me to read some women’s magazine while the whitening substance affects my hair.

I grip the first magazine and started to look at the headlines “101 ways to please your man” Of course I want to please my man! So I opened the article and started to read.

“Man want’s a confident woman. You can affect your confidence by buying some new clothes and underwear” Next to the article was Vila’s cloth ad

“You have to take care of your skin. Nothing is sexier for a man like natural and clear skin” In the magazine there was also an article that concerns skin cream comparison.

It goes on and on what I have to do or buy to get some attention from my man.

Next magazine and next article wants me to buy some kind of sport gears so I can have bikini body for next summer. Women’s magazine after a woman’s magazine. It was all the same.  And the worst thing that hit me. This sales! All that these magazines do is sale some kind of junk to make us believe that we are more attractive when we buy skin creams, sport gears and make ups.

Every one of us is an individual so for my opinion it’s OK to buy anything that you think that reflects your personality.  However is not healthy to make your buying decision from that point of view of what do you think that society or woman’s magazine waits from you. Be yourself and define yourself what is that you want to be.

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3 Responses to Who owns my mind?

  1. salmehyvonen says:

    … and in same papers are describes what you should do to look attaractive. If you try to do everything it is a full time job. But luckily we are attractive anyway at least my husband dare not to say anything else.

  2. marjajenni says:

    I totally agree. Magazines are so full of things what you should buy to look good. And maybe if you do so, you are no longer you … I think it is better to let people decide their own taste and own their own minds and personality.

  3. arjabellinger says:

    It gets better when you grow older. On day you reach the state of a healthy (?) self-esteem or – you get so fed up with everything – that you no longer need to compare yourself to others or at least not to the glossy images in magazines. I´m almost there. I do thought tint my hair occasionally. And eyebrows. And lashes. And…

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