Do I really need it?

I spend my time at home, more specifically, was lying on the couch and watch television. And I am dreaming of a new sofa. Why?  Old is a little worn, but still very useful. In any case I think I need a new one. The television came to interior design program with very little renovations and furnishings were changing the home look brand new. For some reason, the same way I had the feeling that my home could use a little improvement.

Media and marketing objective is to get consumers needing and wanting something. To get people to want something that doesn’t exist in the past didn’t even know existed. I have two teenage daughters. And they have a lot of needs. Every day a new thing, what they can’t live without. Teenagers are very susceptible to influences from the media. Unfortunately, they just don’t have the necessary money with which they could buy everything they need. It would be highly desirable to provide jobs for young people. Young people with their own money, what they could use as they wish. Maybe they’ll even learn to the value of money differently when they understand what is in front of it has to do.

Basic human needs, however, are quite low, food, water and rest. Maybe a little clothes on. But do we settle this? Purchasing other product on the grounds that we really need it? Or is the purchase decision-making, however, other than the need? I think that our decisions to control other motives than just yourself need. For many, buying produce pleasure, according to the image of the product is purchased. We want to believe in ads created by the imagination, as will bring us hope. People want to believe, that they will be among the younger, slimmer and more beautiful.

Our family also have a dog. Her (I have to say her, because our dog’s name is Barbara) basic needs are quite clear, water, food, outdoor activities, as well as a bit of scratching. Wonder, when I go to trade, there is shelf meters accessories for dogs. Do dogs really need all those products? How to have dog owners up to believe that dogs need clothes, glittering collars or activation toys?


What about me? I will continue dreaming on the new sofa. I use my money teenage daughters needs. And I hope that they would get a job. At least for the summer.

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6 Responses to Do I really need it?

  1. marjohel says:

    Do I really need it? I set this question to myself everytime I do shoppings, sometimes even at grocery store! If I am in Finland my answer is very often “no”. That suprises me because I usually act very spontaneously and make quick decisions. But if I’m doing shoppings abroad my answer is basically always YES YES YES I cannot live without this! It doesn’t matter is it a watch or leather bag or just a fridge magnet or potholder – it’s something that I cannot buy from Finland. Then after few months or years I carry these once or twice used must have things to flea market…

  2. johannakuisti says:

    I also have two daughters, althoug younger than yours. But they need so many things too! That has lead me to a situation, that when I think of buying something just for me, I really wonder, do I NEED this? I think this is actually a good thing.

  3. elinakku says:

    I’m very good at making excuses to buy things. I make most of my personal buying decisions by feeling, but I can always tell why it was a reasonable decision. It is funny why I have to explain myself why I make such “reasonal” decisions even I know reasons are made up!

  4. anumart says:

    Dear Mom, I hope you will manage somehow with your teenagers and their desires. And
    money talks as long as you have it. Go and buy a brand new soffa and all your family will enjoy it.
    I think this is a very good argument.

  5. sirpaforsgren says:

    Using the question, do I really need this, has actually stopped me from buying a numerous amount of things, but only after I have turned 40. Before that I bought what I wanted, not giving much thought to if I need it or not. Now I’m inculcateing this same idea to my teenage daughter, so far with not so good success. Luckily her investments are quite cheep for the moment.

  6. Sarem Lotfollahi says:

    Do I really need it? This can not always be sure when entering the trade. In particular, young people and teens. In stores running ads all over the place that will attract to buy, even though the need is not. The reserve is home to some of the electronics devices that I’ve used a couple of times, but the time of purchase I thought I need them. I think that many other goods Auxiliary Power is what has been bought, but is not necessary.

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