From Zero to Hero – To save or to consume?

How does the variation of economics effect to your buying behavior? In the big picture it’s all about your financial status. So let’s mark unemployed and rich people out of this text. If economics doing well but you’re unemployed you’re still out of work and probably out of money. And on the other hand, if you’re rich, it probably doesn’t matter if the elevator is going up or down. You’re still rich and able to play with your money as much as you want.

But what about the rest of us, Average Joes and the working class heroes? Is there some magic formula that we should follow? I would say no. You go to work, do your job and get your paycheck. It’s also your very own and individual decision how you use the money you have earned.

My own experiences say that there are roughly two different kinds of people. First there is, let’s say, carefully people.  During the recession they are holding their horses and waiting the sunny days like a rising moon. They don´t want to risk their money and metaphorically like to keep the money in safe under the pillow. And who can blame them? Once again those are their very own money. But they shouldn’t be too optimistic. In current economics conditions it might take a while before the sunny days will arrive.

In second basket we have people who have realized that recession give them power on the markets. Prices of consumer goods starts to decrease, so suddenly they have more the chips to fill out their needs, do the impulse buying and purchase something that maybe wasn’t possible on yesterday. Should they feel shame for the peoples who don’t have the chances to do the same way and enjoy the shopping festivals? No way. In best case, while they are shopping and running out their money around the shopping centres, consuming might give birth to new jobs.

So what would be the best way to consume during the recession? To me correct answer is save and consume with solid balance. What that balance could be? Once again it’s everybody’s individual decision what they do with their money.

Well actually I cheat on you a bit. To me correct answer is forget the saving and keep on shopping, buying and splurging. For average Joe like me, it’s a possibility to shine and play a hero of society. Small streams make big rivers…

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