Smells like teen spirit

Smells like teen spirit

I have spend a lot of time at home during the past year.  I have start my business studies and left my job in the office. I have had a lot of time to know my 10 years old boy and his needs (=dreams) better. And have regonized that  I have less money to spend and fulfil his dreams.

First of all, “What do I look like?” He wants to look good and confident. He spends half an hour to comb his hair in the mornings. He wants to wear exceptional  and original (and expensive) clothes, but at the same time he wants to belong in groups and wear in particular brands.

His world is very quick, flexible, insecure, open and public. He expects that life is an adventure with full of experiences and treasures like in the action games. He will come an exellent problem solver- thanks to his early gaming experience.

He doesn´t like to do home work or anything which is boring and nasty. He doesn´t hear or he ignores messages he doesn´t want  to hear. He always has to have possibility to choose what to do. No one can force him!

When he wants something he wants it immediately, iwheather it is a sandwich, new skate sneaks or a new game. Tomorrow is too late.

And when I asked his arguments, he answered to me:

1. I want that game because all my friends have it too.

2. It is unfear if I don´t get it.

3. This new game is very cool and exciting.

Over 80% of teenagers( in U.S and U.K.) are in the Facebook – legally or unleagally. Social media (facebook, twitter) have massive  influence on them. And they share their opinions there with “Likes” or “Not”.  Z-ers are not Brand loyal. They care about finding and sharing the best stuff in the world. The product itself is important and not the carefully crafted brand. Z-ers are indicators in this moment. It´s never been easier to share your opinion with millions readers at the same time.

Generation Z is here, and they are the future. What kind of future I will have when I´m retired with my husband? Are we ready for a challenge?

Ready or not,  we watch them change the world before our very eyes.  And I have to buy that new action game to my little boy.

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3 Responses to Smells like teen spirit

  1. You have to remember that when kids say that “everybody” means is that maybe someone has…And maybe they have to sometimes learn that live is unfair, unfortunately.

  2. salmehyvonen says:

    But we must keep in our mind that we have been also youngsters (for a long time ago) and fortunately we were not responsible of important decisions. Just what should I study and now have been suffering it past 20 years. That was sarcasm from my side I happen to choose right for myself, how it was possible that is a mystery. But my point is that wild youngsters most probably grow-up to responsible adults and will take a good care of you when you retire.

  3. Ariane says:

    You have good points here. I have two teenage daughters and I have also realized that they never can’t wait tomorrow. Everything must happend right now and not tomorrow. Facebook and other social networks have massive influence on them. It’s so important for them how many likes they will have example for their new phone or hairstyle. Teenagers are creating trends in social media.

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