Take care of reclamation ASAP !

In my opinion in a business life one of the most important thing is to take care of the reclamation – in case you get one ! By reacting to reclamation right away gives you opportunities to correct misunderstanding and possible bad work, but most of all to make the customer feel special and taken care of !

To react for reclamation as soon as possible, hopefully right away also gives you the opportunity to turn the reclamation into positive thing between the company and the customer who has made the reclamation. And by handling the reclamation professionally also gives a possibility to deepend the relation between the company and the customer.

In case you react slowly or do not pay attention into the reclamation at all you are looking for trouble. There is a big danger that the customer will get very angry and the company might loose the customership. In my opinion usually the reclamations are not taken care of like needed and not as soon as possible – of course some react as needed but there is a lot more to do !  Different companies should pay more attention how they handle the reclamations, it is worth of time i assure you !

I personally always react to the reclamation right away and usually can turn the reclamation process into positive decision. I feel it is my responsibility and also it shows that the company i work for cares about it*s customers.

For example once when i was working for a big Finnish mediacompany there was this customer, whose contact information in our electric finder was totally wrong. The customer was angry and disappointed because they paid a lot to have the information in ouf electric finder. I contacted the customer and promised to correct the information about their company. I did so and also offer discount for them about the next year deal. The customer was satisfied and made a deal with me for the next year. After that the customership between us was much better and it was also easier to approach them in the future.

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10 Responses to Take care of reclamation ASAP !

  1. metsapeiju says:

    Great post and important reminder for everybody working with clients in every level and any organization! As a company client I have experiences of both terribly and super well-handled reclamations I’ve been forced to leave.

    The rule number 1 is: Never underestimate clients concern of mistake causing for client company and its’ reputation. The rule number 2: Give back more than client could ever imagine.
    Respect and you’ll be respected!

  2. eevateinila says:

    Great post! This is so true and very important thing. Unfortunately I have seen too many reclamation that have been handled either too slowly or badly. In many cases the customer has decided to let go the contract. And that is not wanted result for these reclamations.

  3. osmopuhakainen says:

    A very important matter indeed! It’s human to make mistakes and understandable from any company since people are always behind the company. It’s really that first reaction to reclamations that make the difference between good and a bad company!

  4. marikakontio says:

    I agree, good post. It is very important to keep the customers satisfied. It is also harder to get new customers than keep the existing ones.

  5. salmehyvonen says:

    I agree your post. If you got the answer to your reclaim fast and accurate the opinion of the company might be even more positive than before the claim.

  6. jannemetsala says:

    Good post. I agree, reclamations should be taken care professionally and with respect.

  7. reijai says:

    Nobody gives reclamation if the matter isn´t important for the person even it´s seems to be us a little thing. So, little or big reclamation you must respect your customer.

  8. sunnycloset says:

    Fast reclamation make things better than late one. Your posting is about that one and it was good point. Adding your own experience was a good thing too.

  9. Ihmettelen vaan says:

    This is also a strategical issue. Every employee has to be trained to deal with reclamations.

  10. Melida Fry says:

    You made a number of nice points there. I did a search on the matter and found the majority of people will have the same opinion with your blog.

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