Values and Shopping

What makes us buy something? What is behind our decision making? Consumer behavior is affected by cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Psychological factor is very interesting one as sometimes it is hard for us to recognize them even ourselves. We are likely to claim that psychological factors don’t affect us, but they do and they do it well!

Psychological factors include motivation, perception, learning, values and attitudes. We all have some values in our lives. How well do we recognize them? Are we aware the way they guide us to buy something? They can make a great effect on what we buy, but if we pay attention we could create something good in general.

Some people say our values and attitudes are developed mainly in our childhood. Latter experiences, knowledge and social environment may modify them, but the foundation is developed in childhood. To be able to make decisions in line with our values we need to identify our own values and consider them carefully. What is the most important value for me? Here is a list of some values:

  • Domestic production
  • Sustainability & environmental friendliness
  • Healthiness
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Justice
  • Equality

Do you think values when buying a car or bananas? What companies come into your mind? Marketers make a great effort to make us believe that their products fill our needs and expectations. Sometimes we are lured by false information. How do we know whether advertising is truthful or not? Sometimes truthful information is hard to find and it’s easier to forget about our values and just buy the product we need. If we do this, what is our real value…?

We could think buying as voting. When we buy something we give our voice to that particular product and company behind it and we should consider if we want to give our voice to that product and the producing company. As consumers we can influence on market supply. If we buy something or stop buying, it really matters. We can see it for example in this food crisis that seems to be going on all the time. In everyday life it is easy to do shopping the same way, without thinking seriously, but when we shop more expensive items e.g. cars or house we consider it more carefully. But if we all start making more sustainable products every day, maybe we could make a change in market supply in general.

So, what kind of values is behind your decision making? Let’s remember those values when shopping!

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One Response to Values and Shopping

  1. annikki hyvönen says:

    Also years effect the values. I would have voted differently when I was 20 than I do today twenty years later. Or I could rather say that today I have different experience than 20 years ago. I mean that my world has changed. Twenty years ago I knew exactly what should I vote – today I am not so sure anymore.

    Due to your blog it make me to consider: Which values are coming from my childhood ? I will drive 50 kilometers still today – so there is something to think about for me.

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