Who is Generation Zed?

Who is Generation Zed? Gen Z is born from the early 2000s. The oldest Gen Z is turning 18 in 2013. The Gen Z is the first generation which born into a digital world.  The kids of this generation will grow up in the age of technology with a highly sophisticated media and computer environment. Gen Z lives much of his life in the virtual world. I have noticed that at home because I have two girls, which belong to this generation. They want to be in the virtual world all the time.

Also Gen Z will be more Internet savvy and expert than their Gen Y forerunners. They have never known a world without the Internet, iPods and smart phones. The kids grow up with the web, rarely writing letters or using line phones. They won’t know a time when line phones were used or even what kind of that phone was. They will be raised expected to use and carry smart phones. It’s going to be the future.

Internet world is going to be one and only lifestyle. There will be less time playing outside because all friends will be in the web world. Normal childhood is past, when other generations are playing outside. Today’s child is playing in Internet. There is a whole Gen Z at school that has never known a world without the web. They will bring a new way of engaging with other people and each other. The only world they know is a digital world where they can connect anytime, anywhere and to anyone. The technology plays a key role for them.

If we say “excuse me” when we get too close to someone in public, or we say “bless you” when someone sneezes. You have probably noticed that a lot of people don’t do these things anymore. The Gen Z is not being taught traditional manners. We have to be ready for a world almost entirely without them. I try to teach my children some traditional manners but it’s very hard. They don’t want to understand why.

There are business critical implications for marketers and advertisers. Marketing leaders need to know how they build their brand for this new generation. It used to be sufficient to make yourself visible in web when people searched, you were there. The challenge is to make yourself stand out through your reputation, consumer trust or customer service. These days’ young people do their shopping through the e-commerce rather than going at to the commercial centers.

The Gen Z wants to live an easy life. Their work isn’t the most important thing in life. Most important thing of their life is freedom. At workplaces they like challenges but they don’t like commanding. The Z world is more open, transparent and communal than other generations, a rabid and greedy of power management do not belong in this era, but it is a relic of something.

Gen Zeds want to done their work independently and also they want to get feedback and they want to be creative and innovative. Also they appreciate the flexible working hours than economic benefits. They are ready to move in most interesting works, great incentive to opt out of the squirrel wheel of working life. Unemployment isn’t a bad thing when income is guaranteed. Downshifting can be, no time at all, to float a pleasant continuation of the freedom state of mind.

What kind of the next generation will be?


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One Response to Who is Generation Zed?

  1. Good manners can’t only teach, you have to also show by example. And I mean that all of us, adults must be exemplary. The children really identify bad behavior, especially if it is directed against oneself or to nearby. And I think that there is a lot of well-behaved young people, they do not only talk about so much.

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