Psychology of impulse buying


Have you ever wondered what happened on your shopping trip when you get home and you have many shopping bags whit you?  I have and here are a few tips for you, if you want to generate more sales out of your store or keep your own wallet closed when you are only doing “window shopping”.

Have you noticed that in front of the store, nearby the doors, there is something cheap? Something that almost everyone buys? If you are at women’s clothing store it could be scarfs, piece of jewelry  or maybe a cheap t-shirt.  They call those products wallet openers.  When you have taken one item you have made up your mind that you are buying something, so you are opening your wallet.  After that your threshold is so low that the next item is easier to take with you at the clothing rack. 

And here you are, shopping like you have never shopped before, excited about spending your money!  Or maybe not so excited to spend your money, but excited about all the new things that you have now.

Another thing is that helps to generate more sales is to create images of a lifestyle the customer dreams about or lives. You could do it by placing large pictures on the store walls or by displaying nice furniture and dishes if you are selling those items.  The customer receives ideas for a nice time   dining with friends and wants to buy new dishes and tablecloths for the occasion. You could display a nice outfit on a mannequin with accessories so the customer sees how she can use the same dress at different occasions.

Next time you go shopping look around at the store. Did it inspire you to purchase something? Why did it?

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4 Responses to Psychology of impulse buying

  1. eevateinila says:

    I have noticed these wallet openers and I have also opened my wallet for these few times. The feeling is great because you have that experience that you did a great deal. The stores know how to do this 🙂

  2. osmopuhakainen says:

    I have also experience on these wallet openers but i think that it’s also possible to benefit from the offers if you have a little bit of self-discipline. Sometimes it’s hard to controll yourself but it’s possible.

  3. Sarem Lotfollahi says:

    I noticed that it is very important to place the product in the right place in the right time with right the right pricing in order to make customer interested in. In this way customer will buy the product even against the his/her real will. Should be considered that this way works more for products which are for everyday use.

  4. jerekoivu says:

    When i find the product what im looking for from “wallet openers- rack” im only excited about good deal wich im doing! Normally that same product might be much more expencive and now i can get it almoust free. (At least it feels like free)

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