Support your local service provider and buy high quality food (and know what you’re buying)

Now days it’s very popular to buy organic food and food that has been produced locally. A few companies has made a popular business out of it, for example Anton & Anton. Also Finland’s biggest department store Stockmann dedicated a new department only for organic food when they renewed their food department Herkku.

Back in the old days, people who bought locally produced and organic food, where usually hippies or “green people” but in the 21th century it has become a trend amongst everybody to behave in a similar way.  More and more people pay attention to what they put in their and their children’s mouth and are willing to pay more for high quality food. The massive news that reached worldwide headlines was the horsemeat catastrophe. I believe that at this point by latest people started to rethink their eating habits and where the food, that they bought, came from.

Sadly enough, even though people want to improve their eating habits, stores like Anton & Anton struggle to survive. At the moment they have three stores in Töölö, Kruununhaka and Kulosaari but the latest one is going to be shut down due to little interest and the monopoly arrangement of the big chain stores and their sales offers, which they can’t compete with. I think the situation is very unfortunate and that more and more people should support their local service provider, even though you would have to pay a few more extra cents.

News about Anton & Anton’s struggle to survive

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4 Responses to Support your local service provider and buy high quality food (and know what you’re buying)

  1. sarem says:

    Even eating organic and healty food are trendy. Unfortunately there are factors which affect this matter. For example the price of organic and healty foods are so high comparing with the price of junk foods and junk foods are so popular and they are so easy to obtain.

  2. mariakas2013 says:

    Food today is relatively expensive anyway, so it is no wonder that people are buying cheaper products. It is a sad thing, and probably it’s not going to change for a long time.

  3. Ariane says:

    It is trendy to eat organic and healthy food. I always support local service providers as much as possible. Only the prices of the products are sometimes too high and I can’t buy them. I think many people are in the same situation unfortunately.

  4. reijai says:

    I belive, the discussions of the organic and healthy food, are very inportant role at theese days. Organic food sales more and more. And also those people, who have to think about price before quality, choose healthy products sometimes. Every little choice is meaning full.

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