I want! But I feel quilty

How to consume ecologically? I and many of my friends think about this every day. Own needs and awareness is facing the fact that consumption should be reduced. Everyone wants to be a responsible consumer but after all how much we are willing to give up?

Responsible consumption has traditionally been understood such a way that consumption should be reduced rather than purchase more ethical and ecological products. This traditional way of thinking is giving way and people wants to spend more and more without compromising on quality of life. More and more people think that it is better to consume with consideration and many are willing to pay more for a product if it is made ecologically.

Also, quality is an important factor. People are ready to pay more if the product would last and this way they don’t have to buy a new one as often. Crucial question is that how much of the product’s environmental friendliness people are willing to pay? All the time I try to watch out that my product choices are ethical and ecological. But however, very often happens that when I’m making my decision, the price goes over. It is contemplated that a positive attitude towards responsible consumption is widespread, but especially young adults are more hedonistic and status is an important value.

I feel constantly guilty to consume too much and not to pay enough attention to ecology. How to find a balance? Do you have a solution?

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3 Responses to I want! But I feel quilty

  1. pasiarola says:

    I think many people share this same feeling with you. All over you hear this that consuming causes so and so much harm to our global enviroment. But as little consumers we have not so much choice. Who can spend ours in the market to read and do research which producer has done what and which product has been produced in way which saves mostly our world? Money is also one thing who has so much money to buy always those products which are best for our enviroment but cost mostly more than average products? I would comfort you, so long as you have that attitude that you want to do your best and you try to find best products according of your resources you are already doing your part for our global enviroment.

  2. salmehyvonen says:

    I have been there. I feel exactly same as your header (which is by the way very good !). Every day I am thinking more and more how responsible consumer should act. One point which I would like to bring up is that even though that you would like to do responsible choises the end result might not be. For example you might end up eating food which rises the prices of food which is normally eaten by poor people. And another thing what I have been thinking is that sometimes this resoponsible consuming is priviledge of rich people.

  3. Sarem Lotfollahi says:

    Anyone can begin to use environmentally friendly products or act eco-friendly, it does not necessarily mean that it would be expensive. We can for example start by sorting the garbage properly on a regular basis. You think it is self-evident, but you can see every day in a garbage there is always toxic waste. And each of us can buy eco-friendly products for your budget.

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