Living in a ever-changing world

We live in ever-changing world. New ideas, products and practices are created all the time and we can’t avoid facing those. We have to change our habits and learn how to use new devices to cope with all new innovations. What kind of attitude should we take to this continuous change?

Innovations can be anything from small developments to existing products to world changing inventions. Diffusion of innovations depends on many different aspects; innovation, communication systems, time and social systems.

We can’t all adopt new things same way. Roger’s theory about Diffusion of Innovations categorizes people into five groups. These groups are innovators (2-3%), early adopters (10-15%), early majority (30-35%), late majority (30-35%) and laggards (10-20%).

Innovators are the people who want to use new innovations first. They gather information from different sources. They are not necessarily very popular and even they have experience of using new innovations they are not necessarily listened. Early adopters are social leaders. Majority want to know what they think and follow them. Early majority adopt new innovations when they are sure it’s useful. Late majority is suspicious about new innovations. They are usually less educated as well as laggards. Laggards are against and even afraid of new innovations.

What group do you belong? I wouldn’t pick one group. I would say it’s depending on innovation. I’m very interested about some innovations and against some. How does it affect on your life if you don’t adopt all new innovations? Can you i.e. live without Facebook, is it better to live without it or can it make some harm for you if you don’t use it? Who knows?

Nowadays we have many different channels of communication to spread innovations. Social media has made diffusion of innovations much faster than it has been before. I found it very interesting that people tend to trust more people who belong in same social groups as they do themselves than newspapers or even researches. I’m wondering how does this affect the world evolution? Are we able to choose the best innovations to spread?

We can’t predict what will happen in future. It’s good if we are able to question new things but we shouldn’t be afraid of change. With new innovations we develop world and create new jobs.



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3 Responses to Living in a ever-changing world

  1. pasiarola says:

    Were were speaking about this Rogers theory in last week in business strategy course. I agree with you in that point that its up to innovation who belongs to which group even if those groups are at all valid in all cases. In some situation you can be earlier adopter but in some other case it could be you belong to that “big critical grey mass” it means late majority. Its always up to your intrestets and how it touches your work or life.

  2. reijai says:

    I agree with you two about these things. These days it`s very hard for comppanies to create such an innovation which people finds so interesting that is usefull to categorized them.

  3. jjniilola says:

    Good points. World is really changing fast over these days and new innovations spreads like a lightning. To adopt all or even only some of them you should decide it from your own basis. To value more own peers opinions than trust to his own wits or research is sure not the right way. I would say it slow down the positive innovation when individual opinion is ranked over all and may not serve a common advantage.

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