Customer in the middle of the comercial storm

There is a song which says: ” Wherever you go  whatever you do I will be right here, waiting for you..” Maybe this song was not mentioned to mean this what I going to write just now, but it describes quite well the idea. Where ever you go there is something right to you waiting to impress just you, that is: Comercial storm flowing toward to you! It does not matter are you alone at home or do you drive by car or are you sitting on the bus, all over comercials are pushing out and piercing our minds. If you open your computer and you start to surf in internet, click, click and  comercial pop up’s are running on your screen buy this..or this is just for you…how beautiful is the world when you have this kind of car…what ever. Sitting in a car just concentrating to listen some radio channel and suddenly music or intresting talking breaks up and comercials start to fill your ears and mind, oh man when this is over and you try switch on the next channel but same information is coming out of there as well! Or you are on bus just on the way to home from the school or work, you have just got very good place and you sit very confortable on your seat but your eyes are wandering around and suddenly what do you see, front of you there is a bilboard and advertizement which promises just for you cheaper travelling costs when you buy just that ticket… There is no peace from adverts in this world. You plan to have nice and very pleasant evening at home, maybe watching some movies from television. You open the television and movie begins, just when you begin to feel relaxed comercial break wakes you up, smiling man is telling why just you need to have this product and how it changes your life when you only give 20 euros to have it. You get so anoyed that its very near to you to throw  television out of the window  but second option is better one, calm down and switch it off. Rest of the evening you going to be in quietness without any disturbing comercials! People this is it, it is to be in the middle of the comercial storm! Even if you try to escape it, it will reach you out, even if you dont think it, it will be righ there with you! How can we avoid those disturbing messages overflowing over us? How can we be without them and enjoy our lives without these “storms”? I have very good solution for this modern days problem and it’s also very Finnish one. Next time when the storm is coming and you will recognize signs of it do a great and quick decission: go to sauna! Close the door and let the heat beat you and you will see that there are nobody else than you and quietness and lovely heat which makes you relaxed! This is Finnish way to handle problems and especially modern day problems: Sauna!!

ps. did you recognize this was an advertisement for Sauna :-), storm is allover!!


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3 Responses to Customer in the middle of the comercial storm

  1. turuve says:

    Advertisement really hit wherever we are.
    Nicely picked up the issue!

  2. mikkoiku says:

    I have also noticed samething. Your tip works and i recomend that to eweryone. For several years when i need quitness, i just go to our summerhouse and what’s important i leave my phone to upper house on the top of the fire plece. Also i remember put it silent. After that i’ll walk down to the sauna house and start to warm it. While waiting saunas warming i’ll sit on the dock an listen only birds singin and fishes hoping on the lake. I’ll recomend this to eweryone…. Was this comment adwertising something? You’ll newer be sure.

  3. maruspaavola says:

    Good point. Sauna is great place if you want to go hide of commercial storm. If we think radio and tv , one good solution (you can minimize commercials) is that you only watch paytv and listening example spotify without commercials.

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