Forgotten consumers

There is a group of consumers that fashion industry or maybe we should talk about purchasers has totally forgotten, at least in Finland. I think they are considered a remarkable group of consumers in the USA but not here. I’m thinking about plus sized or big girls, whatever we want to call ourselves, nicely. Women usually use a lot of money to buy clothes and maybe, just maybe, they would do it here too if there would be something nice to buy.

The range of clothing for women in bigger sizes is outrageously small and usually not fitting for anyone. Fabrics, colours and style of these clothes are a shame for any purchaser. Producers to choose from should be found if you’re looking from the right places, not all good looking clothes are haute couture. I know, these women come in so many shapes, as do the normal size women too. But shouldn’t that be the reason to expand the assortment? As for now, here in the cold north, there is one design which should fit all big girls, at least the retailers think so.

Many of these clothes are just upsized from the standard, forgetting e.g. the sleeves and other details. Think about getting a blouse which is just a bigger version of the standard. The first problem is to get your arms into the sleeves – they are usually too thin. The next problem is to fit your boobs in to the blouse – okay you managed to do it somehow, but oh no, there are pockets just on top of your boobs and that doesn’t flatter anyone. What was the designer thinking about or was he thinking at all?

The common trend seems to be that if you’re of the plus size, you don’t have to look nice because who cares. Or if you manage to find something nice to wear you’ll notice all your big friends are wearing the same thing, simply because it was the only pretty thing to be found and how embarrassing is that.

A whole different story is sports clothing. Isn’t that just what a big sized woman (or man) needs or for that matter everyone despite your size? You could think so, but anyhow it is even harder to find something to fit from the sports section, ridiculous isn’t it?

Then we can look into the display and the service at the store. The plus sized clothing is placed in its own section which I think is good, makes it simpler to see, what you don’t want. My experience of service on these sections is nonexistent. There just isn’t any sales personnel on these divisions. They probably are embarrassed to be seen in that particular department or they just feel subsequent shame for their customers’ size. Or maybe it’s simply that we don’t have a very strong service culture in Finland. 😉

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One Response to Forgotten consumers

  1. mikkoiku says:

    That’s true. Tall and thin people face same kind of problems. Clothes are usually to short or they look like a tent when you are wearing them.

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