How the night life has changed during the last 15 years?

In the late 90’s when I was looking world as a young adult, it was usual that people spent their weekend evenings and nights at several bars and nightclubs. How about you? It was usual that when you were going to go out you take a cab and head downtown or a suburb. It was usual that you started your night at 8 p.m. from a suburban bar and later headed downtown. Does this sound familiar to you?
How is it today? Have you noticed that today, if you go to a bar or a nightclub before midnight you are almost alone there. In the old days after 10 p.m. there were long lines to the bars but not anymore. Today you find lines after midnight only. What happened? Why has people’s behavior changed?
Today one reason might be the economic climate in the world. In Finland high prices may be one.  Buy one drink in a bar or have several drinks at home at the same price. Before parties are nowadays quite a common thing. Maybe young adults don’t have nowdays so much money to spend. Or is this a new trend? What do you think? It seems to become a trend. Have before parties, collect your friends at the  same place. Don’t take a taxi. Take a train or a bus instead. After midnight, go directly downtown. It is the only place where you can find some nightlife. In suburbs there is no more nightlife if you compare it to the old days.
What are the consequences? Many waitresses and bartenders have lost their jobs. Their working hours are shorter than before. Weeknights most night clubs are closed. It’s not profitable to keep them open. That made lots of restaurants go bankrupt.

There is also another group of workers who has also faced this fact. 15 years go when you took a cab, the driver was a Finn. Today when you take a cab you have maybe a 50% chance to have native driver. I think that you have noticed that. Drivers have started losing earnings and have change careers. It is quite hard to find anymore a native driver to drive taxi at the night.

What other effects does this have? It leads to that the government is also receives less tax income. The spiral is ready. What to do?


Is this going to be futures view inside a bar?

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2 Responses to How the night life has changed during the last 15 years?

  1. blogittaja says:

    Nowadays it’s so expensive to be in the bar, because you have pay like 7 euros for the half litres of beer.

  2. canberra says:

    This is so true. Bars seems to have less customers than in the 90’s and also for a shorter time of the evening. It must be the high prices and the longer opening hours. People just won’t spend that much money to a bar anymore and the longer hours gives the possibility to start drinking at home and enter to the bar later. Maybe the government should think about about the taxing and the fewer employments that it has caused.

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