Online shopping potential ?

Recently, the hot topic has been online shopping and the possibilities it
has brought. According to market research institution Mintel, online
shopping is going to double in the next five years. It is estimated that
online shopping will reach 323 billion Euros by the end of 2017. Based on
these figures, it is good to stop and think about the possibilities that
Finnish companies have.

Sanoma Digital has answered the demand of consumers by leasing an online
shopping center, it called name mitä I think the greatest point lays, from a customer needs
perspective, in the way that customers have been combined based on potential
needs, areas of interest, and changing shopping behavior.

The online shopping center can be found from the websites of popular brands,
including,, and The product offering has
been individually modified based on the needs of the different customer
segments. I think this shows excellent collaboration and linking between
different products, services and customers.

Creating customer needs and finding the suitable solutions to them are
certainly things that rise the interest of companies. The new kind of online
environment provides possibilities and sets new challenges to find customer

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7 Responses to Online shopping potential ?

  1. mikkoiku says:

    Good point. If some company want’s to survive it has to go online or else you are out of the game. Go online and your only limit is sky.

  2. marikakontio says:

    It´s true that online shopping has brought lots of potential business but also for customers.Anyone can open an online store and sell products for example from their homes. Anyone can also purchase whatever from their living room couches. But we all should be aware of the scammers.

  3. jannemetsala says:

    I think this type of service is a good idea. This could reduce the wasted hours on searching the internet for something you need, but just can’t find it. “Everything under the same roof” type of thing.

  4. mariakas2013 says:

    Great service to people like me who are too lazy to look for products from different vendors websites!

  5. tuoala says:

    Good service, but is this inventing wheel again? We have sites like, citydeal etc. with similar kind of approach. How does this differentiate from others? What is their trick to attract me back to their site? Surfing around internet is simple, fast and effective nowadays and companies are really putting effort to optimize their pages. You get more options, more information from dedicated sites so what should be the trigger to use this? By living in EU I would be interested to have more broader view with this service and at the gain some savings by shopping in the internet. Otherwise, I like to go to actual shops and use my other sense before making the buying decision.

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    • Raisa Varsta says:

      And thanks for the kind feedpack! This is a blog written by multiple authors (i.e. students), so it’s not that much work per on student. However, if you are planning a blog of your own, you should devote time for it at least on weekly basis.

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