Shopping is a delightful experience, you`re kidding me?


Real Fastfood restorant, where you dont`t have to wait for your hamburger


Fresh food just in time

Customer behavior has been studied a lot and yes, customers are already understood quite well. We know the current and upcoming trends. Companies one after the other are communicating that the bases of their business and survival is customers and customer orientation. However finding the solution has been made rather difficult for the customers. The company has a customer-driven supply, but is it offered in a customer friendly manner?

We know that our customers appreciate their own time, individual solutions, the ease of daily living , and they want to be responsible consumers and to enjoy their own homing. However, there are numerous examples that in order to obtain services or even buying a product, requires extra effort and even deeper knowledge of service providers organization and inner functions in order to get what is needed, for example over the phone. What are the real benefits to customers that makes the company really stands out from its competitors?

So, it’s often said that companies need to produce additional experiences to our customers to increase the value. Delightful experiences are without meaning or value to the customers if they do not benefit of them in their everyday life. How can the companies produce delightful experiences to everyday life? Many companies invest in electronic transactions, in order to save the customer’s time so that they could go out to woods for collecting mushrooms for example, or to do whatever they would like to do or use their free time. There is still a way to go before the supply is offered in a customer-oriented manner, in order to make ” 127 000 search results ” a time saver for the customer.

There are of course already some good examples. For instance while visiting and shopping at the company’s online store you can get the seller to help you by chat, or you can get so aptly targeted offers to yourself, that you start to look for surveillance cameras from your home . It won’t be long before you can place an order in advance at a hardwarestore to get a can of paint and shade according to your wishes and not spend your precious free time in paint mixing queue along with dozens of other weekend renovators.

A delightful experience is at it´s best when provited unasked and suddenly, like a present given to you by a good and close friend for direct use. A delightful experience is an experience only when it makes us participate in it, when it arouses emotions in us and thereby leave their mark on our memory. Interaction, trying the product or sensual experiences might just be enough with the benefit the solution provides us.

How to achieve all this then? We collect customer feedback , but do we really listen to our customers. Do we understand these little tips and hints that our customers give us as a gift? Can we make a better use of Mystery shopping studies? After shopping results,  might give us more tips to provide delightful experiences to everyday lives. Closer and tighter co-operation with our customers could also bring answers. A delightful experience to someone can easily be exactly the same for someone else as well. After all we are only humans in an “adventure park” of life. Could the key for ultimate success at the customer interface, including electronic means,  be the core strategy?

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