Each of us has basic needs that we satisfy on a daily basis  and without them we can not handle. Primarily we need clean air, water and food , which the body passes through. These needs are vital. The secondary needs is to have feeling that we belong to the community. We also do not survive without love and friends and family. Needs are categorized on different levels as biological, psychological and social needs.Humans also needs valuation. Valuation can take many forms  and when it is satisfied, it may be that I did not even notice any of it awareness of need. The highest level of the hierarchy is a  self-realization.

When you think of today’s consumption, we see a lot spending happening around us. For example Fashion changes very fast, at every turn you already see a new fashion trend or a hair style. We find our self thinking that there is always something new that we need. The needs are being satisfied only temporarily. Maybe we don’t even recognize when the need is satisfied, or if we have give up on some need, that we have  had before.  Needs can be categorized to unconscious and to conscious needs.

I recognize in my self that I am vulnerable to advertising. I make easily purchase decision by advertising and I may say also that the needs were not conscious needs. I did not have attendance to bye anything but buying decision can  be unexpected. More likely I do my  shopping at online. Because it is so easy these days and if I am not satisfied with product it can easily be returned.  I also do think about advertisements. There are so many different sources to advertise.  I do follow few fashion blogs and see on daily bases how young womens who writes a famous fashion blogs do advertise many cosmetics, clothes,free  leisure journeys. All the glamorous life. And from readers point of view it shows how young people would love to live. That is just a  mindless consumerism. Is that a good and correct example for teenagers who are just beginning to use their own money wisely and learning the value of money. Not everyone maybe realize that all the products are gifts and that is a huge marketing campaign that actually  works very well.

Trends are,  on my point of view,  also my weakness. I like to follow the fashion blogs and trends and love to  be at the edge of fashion. Even if I just bought last spring, a nice pair of shoes and a leather jacket. They do not seem so nice in  the following spring, as the trends goes forward so fast, and last springs  trend is getting behind so fast and out of fashion. Therefore,  clothing stores very much want to get rid of the last seasons clothes.  As its value has dropped as soon as the next season is getting in again.
Perhaps it is a place of learning for me , when it comes to consuming. Perhaps I could think about in the future about ethical purchasing decisions. Hardly ever I will buy myself a slippers made ​​from recycled materials. But every small decision to buy or not to bye something new. There can be in a longer time of view an ethical and economical benefit.

Next time when I pass a store with a big sign with Sale, I promise to my self that I  wont be weak to those ads.  And try to recognize if the need is really unconscious or conscious need. And if I am not sure I always can reserve the  product to next day and sleep over it. And make the buying decision on the next day!

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  1. mtlqv says:

    I think it’s very good, that you have thought your consuming habits over. People doesn’t often realize, how they really are acting in the situation like “SALE”. I’m working in a clothing store myself and I have been adjusted to all the sales and the cycle of the seasons. That’s why sale ads doesn’t affect me in such a strong way anymore. I’m not saying, that I wouldn’t ever buy anything with the red tag on. Of course I am, and sometimes I can get really good deals too, but usually I know what I’m looking for.

    I’m not a big online-shopping-fan. I think it’s weird to buy anything without trying it on first and I have experienced differences between the color of the product and the pic shown online. On the other hand, shopping online can be very time saving, when you’re comparing f.ex the prices of a product. You don’t have to run from store to store and you don’t have to do the decision right away — and you can save some money by NOT buying other things from another stores.

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