My friends choose how I play



Approximately seven years ago when PS3 and Xbox 360 was released I was playing my last PS2 session. The sixth generation of video game consoles were about to end and the seventh was starting. PS3 and Xbox 360 came into the market in year 2006 and started a great hype. Back then the prices were quite high too, especially in the first-mentioned. 

At first I had the urge to get one of the brand new consoles as soon as possible but then a couple of my closest friends decided to wait until the prizes are low enough. At that time there was only a small amount of new content for each of the new consoles, which was apt to delay of buying a new generation machine.

A few years after the release date 2006 the rest of my friends bought the PS3. I bought it too. I’m clearly not a forerunner what comes in buying some new electronic entertainment first.

Nearly seven years later I sit in front of my computer and try to decide which one of these new generations wonder machines I´m going to choose. There are more previews and articles in the internet than you can shake a stick at. Among of the console players there seems to be strong fan clubs for both new consoles­ PS4 and Xbox One. Each player has his own strong opinions which gadget is better.

There were some differences between PS3 and Xbox 360. Even though Ps3´s engine was more powerful, Xbox 360 proved very quickly to be a platform where the game programmers could manufacture the games much more easily, compared to PS3. Xbox 360 games also worked smoother and they didn´t crash or the FPS (frame per seconds) -rate didn´t slow down so often in the middle of the more action packed scenes on the games. If PS3 had more powerful engine and therefore ability to create more exquisite graphics, Xbox was reliable and the graphic engine was easier for the game developers to deal with.

When the seventh generation of gaming generation was coming, I was already an owner of a PS2 and it had served me well. Still the most important thing that made me to purchase the PS3 was the collective opinion of my friends. Of course I had some gaming experience from each of the consoles of my own. Although I thought that Microsoft (Xbox 360) could be doing this video gaming thing better. I didn´t hesitate a second to make a favorable decision on behalf of PS3 when my two closest friends first bought the PS3 instead of Xbox 360.

As for the Microsoft products, I have always been very keen to them. I prefer that my computer and mobile phone is preferably i-something. When I think the reason to why I choose Microsoft products instead of the other manufacturer, the most important thing is not the marvelous usability nor how my gadgets looks, it is clearly what my friends are thinking about it.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be launched November 2013. It´s going to be a great battle when the two giant clashes. I´m nearly desperately thinking of which one is better. But if I want to make a favor to myself, I think it might be wise to sit down and just wait a moment.

Wait the decision of my friends.

(There is no mentions about Nintendo in this article. Everyone who follows game industry knows that Nintendo has lately been struggling with the sales in their new flagship WiiU. Nintendo has already lost it in the eight generation battle.)

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