Values at purchases

Values at purchase.

Do people make purchases about their values of life? Everybody does it in someway. Some people believes that is good to support small finnish brands, so they purchase only finnish products besides of some big international brands. It’s not always about buyin local small brands. It could be also like ” I don’t want to spent so much money in this product because it’s not so important to my values” Like someone want the newest mobilephone which cost over 5oo euros and other will just need regular telephone which cost 100 euros.

Values at purchases could be also like what kind of house you want live. Other people values would be more like buying big house far away from cities or someone want small house or apartment in the central of the city. It depends on values.

If you can say that products that we buy could define the buyers values.

Check the experiment test above.

Ultimate experiment test: what kind of person you are!


Example : You don’t have already a car ja you will have to buy a car and also you will win 50.000 euros, what you do with that?

If you will save almost every money and buy an 5.000 euros value car which you don’t have to fix or repair. This test will say that you have decent values of life.


If you will buy an  50.000 euros value car and don’t save anything. This test will say that you  have very materialistictic values of life.

Do you wan’t have more decent or more materialistics values of life?

Go to buy an new car for yourself!

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