All my five senses were manipulated – where was my sense?

I first noticed the smell of cinnamon in the supermarket. Then I managed to get a sip of red juice in a cold autumn evening. I remembered the Christmas and was happy to realize there still was plenty of time to go shopping.

My 11-year old daughter needed a new pair of winter gloves. I saw a label of – 30 Celsius in the black gloves. Unfortunately she wanted a smooth and soft gloves and she won. No heavy winter use.

I am normally fed up advertising clutter, but I appreciate it, when the color code is always white and blue while in a hurry searching for the known label Lumene.

I tried to remember what the advertisements that I noticed this weekend were.

I remembered a lovely ice-cream advertisement with yellow and orange leaves in the background and a cheese ad of Valio with a dark background and golden/yellow texts.

I noticed as well as an advertisement of an expensive Breitling for Bentley showing a clock with Beckham and high-class Bentley.  Very powerful image, so was also Jeff Bridges in Marc O’Polo’s advertisement.

I have to say something about the background music as well. In a big Finnish book store, I was trying to find a something to read. I heard Spanish lyrics and it was great. No more the same 80’, 90’ or 00’s songs in English.  I took my time and find a pile of books. Excellent.

A lovely spanish song by Shakira: Sale El Sol

I must say that I’m quite happy about the sensory overflow, when I first notice yellow plastic bags around me; I know I’m not going to buy books that day.  I understand that the symbol of yellow bags should inform me, come and buy something cheap.  I once followed that call, and I bought a skirt, and I don’t even wear them, ever! Cheap days are not my cup of tea.

All my five senses were manipulated in one weekend by marketers; I didn’t even have a clue, none what so ever.

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