Going digital !

I did it.  After the many years of intrest I joined to Internet service there you can read e-books   and I was hooked right away.  The first hours I just browsed through books on my virtual bookshelf and I could not decide on that I read first . My virtual bookshelf was full of new books and all available just with one click.  The service is a reader’s sky. I don’t get book to my own, but at 25 euros per month I can read so many books I want, including all new books. I would get at the same amount of money only one paper book deliveried to home. In digital frenzy I ordered also on-line newspaper for replace the paper one.  I’m  at last moved to digital !    

 My attitude is practical (utilitarian) , I wonder whether the  product is suitable for its intended use,  if it works and whether the price is right. Utilitarian function is one attitude for consumer behavior.  The other attitudes which influence decision to buy something are value-expressive, ego-defensive and knowledge.

In my decision move to read e-books and online newspaper influence also value-expressive function; Reading e-books and online paper give me a feeling that I’m modern, really up-to-date.  

Now after the few months of experience I still like e-books, it’s nice and convenient read books from tablet.  With newspaper situation is not so good , I don’t read newspaper every morning anymore and if I read,  I read only headlines.

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One Response to Going digital !

  1. sirptu says:

    Yes! You are absolutely modern 🙂 I will definitely do the same when I get enough time to read.
    Surprisingly, many still order a book and need a big space to storage.
    You mean you don’t read anymore online newspapers, only headlines?

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