Online shopping is easy and comfortable


Trends come to Finland usually a little behind the other countries. This can be said also of the online shopping. Finland has started online shopping more slowly than other countries, but the situation is changing all the time.

E-commerce is affected a many of factors, such as site attractiveness and is it easy to use, delivery and payment methods. If the product is not available in traditional shop or is more expensive there, the product can be ordered from online store. Consumers daring to order products from abroad, if the products are not available in Finland. The online shopping makes easier to compare the prices of the product in different online shops and often the deciding factor is the price. Definite plus for the consumer is that in online shopping is often possible to read the customer comments of products and services.

The most common way of payments is to pay by credit card. The Finns use primarily the online banking, but the rest of the Nordic countries use the most widely credit card as payment method in online shopping. Generally the customer choose the safest and easiest payment method. It is important that there are no extra costs.

A new trend is the mobile payment, which is the most used for purchasing mobile phone ringtones, background pictures, competitions, phone downloadable games and applications.

I believe the online shopping increasing rapidly in Finland. The right marketing plays an important role. Significance of social media marketing continues to grow.

E-commerce payment services provider Klarna new statistics show that more than 65 years of active internet users are the fastest growing e-commerce group in Finland. The most popular product category is entertainment for all age groups.

Discounts and free shipping are attracting consumers to use online shopping. The best thing about online trading is that the products can be ordered at any time.

Let’s shop online!     www


Keskisuomalainen 2013. Yli 65-vuotias ostaa yhä useammin verkosta. Verkkouutinen 10.10.2013. 28.10.2013

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5 Responses to Online shopping is easy and comfortable

  1. mikkoiku says:

    Online shopping is easy and comparing is easier than in a regular shop. It’s nice to see that older peoples has founded online shopping. They have time and usually money to spend.

  2. sirptu says:

    Yes, it is really easy. I like Zalando. The goods will arrive a week, they give time to payment, you don´t to need pay first and goods are clearly visible and searchable. It is easy to go to a physical store try on garment and buy it an online store 😉

  3. jerekoivu says:

    I noticed that some onlineshops in foreign countries offers free cross-border deliverys. Or if there are some charges, we are talking about few euros. I have been thinking how is that possible, becouse most of finnish shops charges 5-10€ for the same service. Except the journey of that delivery are way shorter. That’s why i mainly do my onlineshopping in foreign shops. And nottice that im talking about some kind of specially products, example sports wears.

    ps. If you now thinking which country have those kind of delivery prices, few really good shops in United Kindom.

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