What does stance matter?

Can it really be that your mind and attitude directs your buying behavior and if it does, how much? Is it directed by previous experience, something that you have learned or simply a feeling that turns you away from doing sanity shopping and pushing you to chase something else?  And does it always automatically mean that the buying decision which is justified only by your mind is wrong? Not necessarily.

In the endless swamp, equals to  internet, you can find number of teaching material, studies and thesis covering buying behaviors. I like them all and due to simple and short text selected one to ‘test in real life’. It is said that buying attitudes, or stances what ever you like to call them are relatively permanent, learned and consistent way of think, feel and react to a subject which can be a service, product, company etc.  (http://www.aedu.sakky.fi/opinnet/markkinointi/1kkaytos.htm). Why I highlighted couple of words?

Because I have an example; me going to food store needing let´s say something to spread on bread. What have we, not only tens of brands, but as well different kind of butters! What do I take? Perhaps my sense says to buy butter that not only functions to make my bead taste better as well helps me to control cholesterol… Not saying I have any issues with it, but no. I buy the brand and this brand is the one that always we used at home, learned to like the taste of it and there are no other options even. Nicely learned buying behavior… thanks mom! Well was it a bad decision, I don’t think so, after all I do not have any issues with cholesterol…yet.

What if the mind completely overrules and even prevents you to make rational decisions? What kind of product or commodity could it be? Since I was born as man, I can say only one thing, a car. No, sorry not a car, the car! Suddenly me categorizing myself as a pragmatic and sense based buyer am losing all the theoretical base. How can it be so passion driven? Clearly feelings have a great thing to do when people are in middle of buying process. Why else, am I completely happy to pay extra, honestly lot extra to get some rings in the hood when with the same money I could get space and almost a driver from another brand. Crazy.

With only two example I personally can admit. I´m completely loaded with attitudes against brands, services, you name it. But after all, I´m human, I´m customer, I´m loaded with different kind of stances and it makes my life fun!

The trick is how to either utilize or change the attitudes. Challenge is thrown to the marketing department.

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One Response to What does stance matter?

  1. sirptu says:

    It may be possible. I recognize in myself loyalty brands from different countries to for upcoming. For example, the car in Germany, anti wrinkle cream from France, food from Finland, shoes from Italy, wine from Chile, etc.
    Except that we can get fooled and the product is not from there whence it should be.
    After all, we may be confused what we want or what we think we want?
    Then the learned purchasing behavior could save 🙂

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