Are Eco-people really green thinking consumers?

Consumer who buys organic products are often aware of following trends. They are interest in healthy life and are afraid of E-codes and pesticides. Many of them take care of the environment; they recycle their waste and clothes, and they buy wind or hydroelectric power. So can we call them Eco-people?

I think we can`t.

Many buyers of organic production lives in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Maybe now you imagine that of course almost every one use public transport. But no. The truth is that we queue on the four traffic jam alone in our private car. Oh, how green thinking!

I just moved in new house, so I thought I need new things, like carpets, kitchen table, bookcase and so on. So I went to the nearest shopping center look up those things. I found that there was option buy each of them on green way, which means that products are made from recycled materials or product use less power than same kind of product. Even vacuum cleaner was GREEN. And of course packages were green too, so consumers will definitely notice buying eco-products. But how eco-thinking is buy all of those “important” things? Wouldn`t it be the most nature-friendly if we do NOT buy all products we want?

Trend-aware green consumers.. They buy expensive organic food, they drive their own expensive hybrid cars, they might use expensive clothes which are made from recycled materials. Oh, and nowadays many airlines says it`s environmentally friendly travel by plane, because they have reduction of emissions, and of course trend-aware green thinking consumer buy flight tickets as well. If you buy green things it doesn`t mean you are better people than others and it doesn`t mean you save the world. Just control your consumption!

IMG_2707           IMG_2561

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