Young consumers and consumer behavior

Young customer behavior such as attitudes and culture has good way brought the wisdom purchase on the online store.Online store makes easy possibility find and compare the products, compare availability, user experiences, delivery costs and delivery time.
Parents’ purchasing behavior often influences the purchasing behavior of children. Learned habit affects buy the products from online stores or buy physical store. Often decisions are determined by affected by the location and availability. Girls and boys are certainly a variety of purchasing cultures, but also a lot of the same. Usually girls seeing and following lifestyle blogs.
Even a circle of friends have a great impact and of course, also relates to the young in their social position within the area. Wants to be something or look like something usually.
Usually young people want an events and situation. Behaviors is as much as the young people.
Within my own family is two different teenage consumer. The second belongs of a small social group. This group works mainly with consumer electronic goods and kinds of games, etc. and software and accessories. The group is not to be visible but the show time equipment must to be fit. How faster and more efficient equipment, you have better is the ability to play in a group.
Another consumer is part of a larger social group. This group behavior determine unity, hobbies and the trends. In this group is important to appear to out of the group. In this group are the trends and brand are important.
In both groups these consumers have embraced the use of online shops.

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2 Responses to Young consumers and consumer behavior

  1. Ariane says:

    Nowadays the young people know more and more about the trends and brands. And it’s very easy for them to compare the products in online stores. They can talk about their experiences in social media which helps them to make decision to buy.

    I also think the young people often want to look like someone else, they have some kind of idols which they follow.

  2. tuoala says:

    Have to admit, I do not envy the young consumers who has to cope with the surrounding pressure of looking, acting and even thinking of certain way. Far gone are the days when you as a child did not have to think in the morning that do you wear correctly branded jeans or a shirt when you walked to the school.Or then memories grow sweeter with time and you were facing the same challenges but perhaps in a smaller scale?

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