Do values influence our purchasing decisions?

The titled question can be considered from two different perspectives  The first aspect is b2b-perspective, the second b2c-perspective. I think that values during the purchasing process (b2b) ​​play a major role, as in the products purchased must be in accordance with the company ‘s values ​. In consumer to business purchasing process values ​​can be flexible.


Before writing this blog I had to seriously think about what are the values ​​of even my own store shopping and whether they appear in any of my day to day behavior. A small thinkbreak turned after all, into a very long break, because had never really thought about it. I personally appreciate the organic, domestic, locally produced and fresh products, but it does not directly reflect in my day-to-day shopping. Usually I just pick the first thing I see paying no attention to the origin of the product etc. Shopping for groceries is just that dull.  If any of the products bought even closely resemble the above mentioned values, I can be proud of myself. This is exactly what I mean about b2c flexibility.




Does anyone really care about own or others’ values when shopping for groceries? Isn’t price still the deciding factor? Fortunately enough, I have found at least one company within our beloved country that accounts for our values. This company is as we all know, the allmighty Alko. Prior to the selling of products, Alko carefully examines  the manufacturer’s premises and working conditions.  So there we are, a happy and a piece-of-mind shopping experience for everyone.

Do your values affect ​​your daily shopping behavior? Do you really buy only goods that strictly fit your values? If the answer is yes, how do you react to the reported future increase of 6% in food prices? Or do you react at all.


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One Response to Do values influence our purchasing decisions?

  1. TK says:

    Deep thinkings and long spaces between chapters. In daily shopping I mostly just follow my needs and feelings. Values will come later or if there is like used childworkers then I would leave a product in store (even if I need it). It depents so much on situation and on available information.

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