Are you an Apple slave?

11/13/2013     New iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were released in Finland on Friday 25 October. Releasing of the new iPhones has generated controversy around the world. Is Apple ripping off people?

Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5s first look makes fun about the new 5s. Nevertheless there are several good points behind the Laughter. iPhones have become a trend phenomenon from the very first model. When iPhone 3g came it was in league of its own and people had to wait to get their own unit. However things have changed since the first iPhone. Newer models don’t give the same excitement and innovation.

In my opinion Apple changes only few things about their phones, but they make the changes sound more significant than they actually are. Jimmy Kimmel joked that the new iPhone comes with an app that makes you forget the price tag of your old phone. iPhone fanatics will probably turn blind eye to the price tags. To them every new iPhone is a must have and since the new iPhones is released the old one comes useless.

Cool and trendy people are certainly the most visual segment of the iPhone owners. They like to be seen with the new phone and they like to discuss about it. If you belong to a group like this you have to buy the new smartphone. The new innovations doesn’t matter only the appearance of the phone and of course the Apple brand symbol. “The S stands for shut up and give us your money”, Jimmy Kimmel said and hit right to the point.

iPhones are good examples of devices which can attract personal affection. You carry it everywhere and when you don’t have it in your pocket or purse you feel somehow naked. The phone becomes a notable part of your life, it’s your “baby”. To Americans Apple is their own phone brand and iPhone is kind of their “royal baby” and people around the world will want to hear about it.

Apple articulately uses iPhone phenomena to its advantage. The question is does Apple rip people off? Apple makes pretty phones, its design is luxurious. At least Apple users are willing to pay for this luxury. I think iPhones are still too overrated and overpriced. Should Apple provide something more? Let me know your opinions below!

Henri Taulavuori

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One Response to Are you an Apple slave?

  1. jerekoivu says:

    Maybe other IT-companyes should think about, how to create this kind of loyal customerships and unbelievable products like Apple does.

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