Customers’ expectations. How do companies reach their customers in the future?

When I think of my parents, I can see how they are completely stuck in their old patterns of behaviour.

I, of course, I have promised to myself, that I will not be of the same kind. I have to admit, however, that these ”close call” – events have already happened to me in this increasingly digitized world.

Tuomo Kokkonen writes in his blog that the future generation Z has grown up with the digital world. They are accustomed to the opportunities of the internet and presence of social media, while we older should internalise these new ways of working.

It is obvious that companies are pursuing customers that cannot be reached in the same way. What does this mean from the companies’ point of view? How to succeed in reaching customers in the future? How to succeed in providing products attractively?

The future is difficult to predict and speculate on people’s actions. The best way to find out of customer expectations is by asking them what they want. Capgemini’s research shows how customers can be divided into different groups. For example, the group of digital shopaholic

( 17,6% of the respondents) expect to receive information on various digital channels but the group of techno – shy shoppers ( 13,3% of the respondents) do not consider digital channels important during any phase of the shopping journey.

The report reveals interesting information about how digital channels influence people’s buying behaviour. 56 % of respondents of the research said they were likely to spend more money at the physical store if they had used digital channels to research more information beforehand. 55 % said they were more likely to spend more money if products were available anytime via any channel.

SAM STERN’S BLOG   share best practices from companies that are creating unified digital experiences. Read more of what he found as common factors in successful companies’ strategies.

After all, changes are intended to make people’s lives easier and help them make everyday choices. Customer oriented services and products will become successful in the future. Another customer survey 2013 gives companies useful trips, how to develop customer relationships in the future. Focus on customer relationship management is that the customer should easily be able to deal with the company in question by purchase, additional information, complaints, deliveries, customer feedback.

I’m going to learn how to use digital services to my advantage, as the younger generations are doing, and to keep up with the changing world. I’m looking forward to the time when we can leave a wallet at home, and pay for our purchases via a mobile phone. At the same time we receive membership discounts automatically, because all the information is transmitted automatically by the system.

I think, however, that in the future my children are horrified by my old fashioned behavior. The new generation is driving development forward, that’s way it goes.

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2 Responses to Customers’ expectations. How do companies reach their customers in the future?

  1. janni says:

    I totally understand your point. I think everyone once said “I will never end up being like my parents”, but we all do. The environment, especially the digitalized world is just changing too fast to keep up to date with everything. Still, it will be the most used tool to reach customers in the future and to make your life easier through different inventions. There is already the possibility to pay parking fees with your mobile phone, so why not paying whole groceries with it? I think we just have to give things a few more years and there will be things possible that we, for right now, cannot even imagine.

  2. Samu Liski says:

    Compared to other people at my age, I would describe myself old fashioned so I can really agree with your point. Tecnology is developing really fast. Some might say, that technological development is even too fast. However, the development is intended to ease everyday life, but it is also a challenge for companies. Not every company can really exploit the opportunities of the digital channels.

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