How do needs, motivation and involvement influence consumer behavior?

What makes people buy?

I buy when I need something. I also buy when I want something. Actually, I would just buy everything if I had the money. I blame the pressure that media and people around me create.


It is difficult to separate needing and wanting something. For example, you need clothes but do you really need the most expensive and latest fashion clothes? Back in the days clothes were just a way to keep you warm. Today clothes are a way to express yourself and can even define your social status. Media has a huge influence on people and their consuming habits. Advertising affects everyone whether they want it or not and sometimes people don’t even notice that they have been influenced by ads.

So what is it that motivates people to buy? We are all individuals and motivated  by different things. The feeling of needing something, the feeling that everybody else has something and current fashion seems to motivate people to buy. You fulfill the feeling of needing something, try to fit in with being similar to others and not to arouse attention and it is just simply cool to follow fashion and be “in”.

I read  in an interesting text about advertising and how it affects on people. The text said “According to the research done by multiple studies, Alcohol advertising that is available on college campuses in the United States does have an effect on students’ consumption of alcohol; students were shown to have consumed more alcohol products including binge drinking when there were flyers, specials, promotions, coupons, giveaways, television, radio and other types of advertising on campuses.” It is a fact that we might not even pay attention to ads surrounding us but still they somehow manage to have an impact on us. Usually the impact that the company is trying to create. Luckily we pay attention to only a fraction of ads and only a fraction of ads has a real impact on us and our  behaviour. Otherwise we, and our wallets, would go insane of all the information that surrounds us.


As I said, I blame media for making consumer behavior what it is today. If people don’t want to join the “I need to buy everything that everybody else has because its cool” –culture, the only solution is to sell your tv, get rid of your iPhone and play blind everywhere else than your home, that is of course a place with absolutely no connection to the outside world. You just need to try to follow the golden road of being a reasonable consumer and  respond to those temptations that really have a positive impact on you and your consuming.

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One Response to How do needs, motivation and involvement influence consumer behavior?

  1. TK says:

    Good blogging. Strong text and good to know knowledge. I was just thinking this by ethical way. We may have in future a situation where we must help all of those shoppaholics to get their life back in balance. Who will pay it? Would be most public question. In this point I believe that company who first step in this area and helps shoppaholics, they will have lots of good publicity for their company and products. You need money to make money. 😉

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