I’m a weirdo

Music means the world to me. When I wake up in the morning I can’t wait to put on some music. When I drive to school I listen to my cd collection and sing along. When I go jogging or cycling I have my mp3 player with me. The Rest of the day I play piano and try to compose something worth listening. I respect artists and their work. It would be unthinkable for me to download music without paying and supporting the composers behind it. I use digital streaming services like Spotify and YouTube to discover new music but when I find something that I really like I will buy the album. I need to have the physical product to fully enjoy the music. I want to page through the cover flyer and smell the scent of a new cd as the stereos roar. Like Radiohead once wrote, I’m a weirdo.

Flea markets are full of cds because nobody collects them anymore. I think it’s a shame. People don’t want to buy music when illegal downloading or using streaming services is very easy, fast and free. I’m a huge fan of classic rock and I think the genre has lost some of its magic because of modern music trends. When I buy albums I believe the whole album is the adventure and I never buy just a band’s single. Some songs jump out right at you or grow on you and there’s always the radio hit but albums should be listened from top to bottom. That’s what makes you fall deeper in love with the artist. Technology has changed and services like iTunes encourage audiences to cherry pick and purchase singles.

This is just my opinion but music has become elevator music to many people. It doesn’t evoke strong feelings anymore. It’s just something disposable that goes in one ear and out the other. When you ask youngsters about their favorite artists they don’t have an answer. They just listen to whatever is played on the radio. Where’s the magic? Where’s the enthusiasm? The change in music industry has not only affected recording sales. Music journalism and music videos have found new ways of working in the field. As a result the last music television channel in Finland called The Voice got cancelled in 2012. Even legendary Suosikki-magazine suffered the same fate. It had been published since 1961.

Regardless of all the negative changes in music industry there is still hope for people like me. Studies show that Finnish people spent over 2,5 times more money on CDs than on digital services in 2012. Streaming services’ share of total sales was only 19 per cent despite the fact that Spotify had been on the markets for four years. Album sales may have been declining for the past ten years but music will never lose its importance or be forgotten. Not if it’s up to me.

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One Response to I’m a weirdo

  1. TK says:

    Good writing and intresting topic. I believe that these old times music stores and music packages are going out in a hard way if they don´t change strategys. I like old school music, but it is a future which we can not stop moving forward. Future is in online music stores and in new kind of way to communicate with your favourite bands. Excample many bands has now facebook, twitter, etc. in use and more socialmedias is coming. For me those socialmedia pages gives lot more information than what basic cd packages can ever give. Its matter of packages, not the product.

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