The significance of perception, learning and memory in Buying Behavior

It is very important for us consumers that products are easily memorable and distinctive to make the best positive effect. There are many profound factors that will show some effects on our senses. One of the most important factors is the color. For example if you think of Apple, the color you most likely will think of is white and in Ferrari’s case, red.


It is well-known that the memory affects our buying behavior. For example if you have fond memories of a sweet that you loved as a kid, for example Dumle, you most likely still like that sweet. The scent and the taste of that sweet bring back memories, experiences and comfort from your childhood. You might, for example remember you wanting the specific ice-cream your mother bought for you at the grocery store.


According to the book Consumer Behaviour. European Perspective, consumers’ evaluations of products are affected by their appearance, texture, taste or smell. It is also stated that when a product succeeds in satisfying consumers’ specific needs or desires, it may be awarded with many years of brand or store loyalty.



Companies and customers gain new knowledge of the surrounding products and markets by learning and experiencing. If a customer buys a product which he/she isn’t satisfied with, most likely he/she won’t buy it again. Free samples such as free sweets and drinks at the supermarket are also a good way to promote the product. Their idea is to try to make the customers familiar with the product in a practical way.

Commercials are also a very effective when the buying pattern is considered. Their goal is to make the product desirable, trendy and good-looking.

An example of a well-made commercial:

(Old Spice -The Man Your Man Could Smell Like)


Perception is also a very important thing when considering the product’s placement in the market. For example big service stations with impressive, glowing neon signs have bigger impact on customers rather than shabby countryside bars with worn-out wood signs. Bigger companies such as big super markets with more advanced services usually have better thought-out layouts and more impressive infrastructure comparing to the low-profile stores.

The main goals of music and announcements at stores are that the customers will look for certain items and promote their sales. This is usually companied with cheap prices. Customers perceive these methods and make a decision to or not to buy the product.

There are many factors that we perceive while we are shopping. The look of the product and the packaging are really important factors because they send us psychological messages without us even noticing them. There are many ways that can make our buying desires to arise. Certain products may look classy and expensive such as Rolex watches. They have that special feel and quality that intrigues us.




– Halligan, Brian & Shah, Dharmes: INBOUND MARKETING. GET FOUND


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2 Responses to The significance of perception, learning and memory in Buying Behavior

  1. Samu Liski says:

    Interesting text and good examples. To be honest, I´m actually not sure whether free samples really are good way to promote a product. I can´t remember myself buying any of those products I have tasted for free in a super market…

  2. dzien kobiet says:

    Very energetic article, I liked that a lot. Will theree be a part 2?

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