Too much product choice keeps us from buying

I think everyone has experienced it.  You enter a store and feel overwhelmed when you see the given choice of products. You do not know where to have a look first. Even when you know what you want to buy there is too much choice of the same product, which makes finding a starting point difficult. It is a situation we get confronted with every day, because it does not matter if we enter a supermarket, electronic or clothing store.

WerbungsüberflutungWe start to think if we make the right decision when we buy the special price product. Or if we are better off with our usual, well know product. When we have finally made the decision and bought a product, we still cannot stop thinking about our purchase. Thoughts such as: ‘Am I really better off with the purchased product?’ or ‘Should I have taken my usual product’ run through our minds.

Even if we are better off with the purchased product, we are not satisfied. We have so high expectations of products that we always feel we could have gotten a better deal. And because it is our decision what we buy we think of ourselves as a failure, because we may not have gotten the most satisfying product.  Even if we have come to the conclusion that the purchased product is good, we are not satisfied.

Sometimes we do not even come to the result that we purchase a product. The-paradox-of-choice-why-more-is-lessBecause of the overwhelming choice of products we take time to think about our purchase, especially for more expensive products, and postpone the purchase from one day to another and to the other until we do not buy it at all or delay it for a long time.

Therefore the huge choice of products has two effects on us. I already mentioned both of them. One is that we are less satisfied with our purchases. The second effect is that it leads to a kind of paralysis. You do not believe it? Try to watch your own buying behavior and find it out.


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