E-shops: the reasons why I only shop online

christmas-shopping-crowdHave you ever tried to do your Christmas gift shopping at the Haussmann’s Galeries Lafayette on a 24th of December? This is one of the reasons why I only shop online now.

Someone said that time is money, well, by shopping online, I save time AND money.

Over the last few years, every aspect of our lives has become digital, retailers have not waited to take advantage of it.  Today, almost every retailer of consumer products sells online. In France last year, 45 milliards of euros have been spent via internet. On the internet, you can basically purchase anything you want, from an H&M top, to a holiday week in Beijing.

By shopping from my couch, I avoid the crowds in the shops, and the waiting lines in front of the fitting rooms, and cashiers. You can shop whenever you want, at night, on Sundays, without wondering about the opening hours.

Another advantage is of course the prices: in addition of the lowest prices often due to the stock management costs, retailers send you discount vouchers via emails when you have subscribed to their newsletter.

The best thing about online shopping is, for me, the possibility to browse every option, and to compare each costs, and quality. Previous customers can express their opinion, and help you choose the best deal for the product that meets your needs the best. You can easily find products from all over the world.

LOGO_ASOS_dfo CROPPEDSome brands have made their success story by selling only online. Take Asos for example, the online fashion retailer. “The worldwide free delivery service is one of the cornerstones of ASOS’ business because its shoppers are mainly fashion-conscious people in their twenties who don’t have a lot of spare cash.”

The main question this topic raises is about the future of traditional stores. Customers are now looking for a more exciting shopping experience. This is when sensory marketing comes into play. We can take Abercrombie and Fitch as a case in point. In the American fashion retailer stores, the light, the music, the smell, everything is put in place to awake almost all of your senses.

Learn more about Sensory Marketing

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3 Responses to E-shops: the reasons why I only shop online

  1. janni says:

    I absolutely agree with this one! It is true that shopping online saves time and money. I think that the greatest point in shopping online is that you can compare the prices. Many times I have been very disappointed when I have found some product from a shop with a much cheaper price than the one I have already bought.
    But one weakness exists. When you do online shopping you can’t see the product in nature and the picture online might fool you. Returning the things bought online is so much more difficult than just taking it back to the shop.

  2. jerekoivu says:

    I think that taking the product back to the postoffice is so easy. Almost always comppany pays those sendincharges so it is cheap too. Then they give your money back to you or send replacementproduct.

    That possibility of compare prices is great! Also online shops usually offers a possibility to tell your own opinion of product and read what other buyers think about it. When im buying something online, its in the important position what other buyers have to say.

  3. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a risky conclusion great post!

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