The refrigerator ; a useful storage a big garbage can?

Have you ever thought about the relationship berween  a fridge and spending?  There is normally more than one fridge in a home. I don’t know , the fridge is just a useful  storage or a big garbage  can . Whenever we checked our fridge to clean we could see  some vegetables and dairy products which have gone bad. Like this, our useful  storage sometimes becomes a big garbage can.

Why do these things happen? I think it happened because of our spending  habits. some environmental specialist told that the fridge make bio waste rather than save some food. We are so accustomed to the comfort  of it. We buy some food twice or more in a week even though we don’t actually need to.

 Check your fridge once in a week and you will notice there is so much food inside already. Food expenses are the biggest part in your spending. Be careful not only when shopping clothes and bags but also shopping food. With some attention to your fridge you can save your money and save the environment. Have you ever checked your fridge? Just by checking your fridge you can be a good consumer.

desiring fridge

Public Policies, Private Choices: Consumer Desire and the Practice of Energy Efficiency, Reuben Alexander Deumling, University of California, Berkeley, ProQuest, 2008

Desiring fridge, KBS science cafe, Applebooks, 2012

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