Modern customer's trend : Smart phone, PRESUMERS & CUSTOWNERS, Eco-friendly.

Today, technology, industry, and many parts of the society changed. As a result of this, current customers are different from the past customer and they have some interesting characteristics. So, corporations should know that and think of the method to utilize them.

First, modern customers are using smart phone as a method to search for information about products and many other ways. Moreover, they are always put them in their pocket. A survey of US adult smart phone owners found that 63% of female respondents and 73% of male respondents don’t go an hour without checking their phone (Source: Harris Interactive, June 2012). This means that corporations should consider of modern customer’s smart phone use because that has big influence in modern society. For example, JANA enables cell phone users in the developing world to participate in market research surveys via SMS. The service is able to reward participants with free airtime, and as a result of partnering with mobile operators, reaches nearly 3.5 billion people in over 100 countries forming market research platform.

Second, there are interesting concepts : PRESUMERS & CUSTOWNERS.

PRESUMERS are consumers who want to participate impassionedly in the process of promoting and funding products and services before they are realized. And CUSTOWNERS are consumers who move from passively consuming a product towards funding or investing in the brands they buy from. These two passionate consumers are giving more opportunities to the corporation to try more creative products and services. However, these increasing consumers are often looking for both a financial and an emotional return, and therefore only corporations or brands that are open to customer’s thinking and operate honestly can attract attention of PRESUMERS & CUSTOWNERS. For example, ZAOZAO is based on a social pretailer. A Pretailer is related to the crowd funding. Crowd funding means collecting funding from many people and ZAOZAO is using the same concept in their business. If the designers show part of their piece, PRESUMERS who want to invest in that product will give the money to help produce better goods.

Third, caring about the ecological. For a long period of time, people destroyed the ecosystem developing industries and that fact was not big issue to the customers. But now, customers are paying attention to them and demand the eco-friendly products to the corporation. For example, there is a pencil named SPROUT that will be a plant when it grows up. If this pencil becomes too short to use, it can be planted. Because there is the seed at the tip of the pencil, so if the pencil contacts the water, seed can grow. The project had successfully raised more than USD 35,000 from over 2,000 supportive PRESUMERS when funding closed in September 2012.Image


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