Shop with Your Values

People have different values and attitudes that influence their everyday shopping. Sometimes we act according to our values even without knowing it ourselves. Values and attitudes are very strongly connected to our personal thoughts and the vision of how we see ourselves. Do you always think about your values when shopping?

Some people have very strong values and they stick to them very closely. They don’t buy clothes, furniture or even food without checking very carefully where products are made and who is selling them. They wouldn’t buy clothes made using child labor or make up which is tested on animals. Then there are people who also have negative attitudes towards these things but they don’t pay attention to them when shopping.

Because people are so busy, they don’t become familiarise themselves with the products they buy. When shopping food they buy something that is easy to cook or when buying clothes they just go to the cheapest store to save money. Because of their lifestyle, limited budget and many other reasons people don’t always realize they are acting against their values. I could easily see myself acting like this carelessly every day.

Everything we are buy support companies. Marketers are aware that values and attitudes start to show more and more in our actions, that’s why they have a big challenge. Trade and service providers know that showing company values will bring customers closer. For example, marketing and reporting that cosmetic products are made only from natural products ingredients will increase the demand more than just telling that it will make you look younger. The same strategy works with any other products.

So what do I think about all this?  I think that everyone should concentrate more on what they buy and stand for their values when shopping. But I don’t blame the people who don’t. You know better what you do, but try to act smarter!

If you want more information about the topic, klick the links below.

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