Just about everyone seems to have a smartphone these days – including me. They are one of the biggest trends of today’s society, but what really makes them special and why do we need them?

I believe smartphones have achieved their fame mostly because we are dependent on the Internet these days. We connect with our friends in social networks, we do our school/work tasks in the Internet and now the Internet is taking control of our daily tasks like grocery shopping. We can now have our grocery lists in the Internet or we can go through the net in a grocery store and try to find a recipe that interests us. With a smartphone we can also pay our bills or send e-mails pretty much anywhere; this is a really nice opportunity to have.

We are also more and more dependent on being entertained constantly, which is something that smartphones deliver. You can watch movies, play games or listen to music with your phone anywhere.

This is in my opinion a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. I, myself, like to listen to music while I’m on a public transport, to drown all the annoying noises of other passengers, be it a crying baby or annoying teenagers, so I can have my own peace. But I hate it when I find myself, or my friend, or both of us in a social situation playing with our phones and talking to someone on Facebook, while I could just be talking to my friend, who is in the same space as me just a couple of metres away.

This rise of smartphones is also something that corporations have noticed. You can see QR-codes in a store, or you can find applications done by corporations to your phone. For example, Nike has a running application and McDonalds has an application, which shows where the nearest McDonalds is.

To sum this all up, I find smartphones to be a double-edged sword, while they make our daily lives easier; they also take our focus away from the real world, and that is something I find a bit sad. We already spend too much time at home on a computer or watching television, and now when we finally go out, we got a new toy to play with our friends, and that toy is: our awesome expensive smartphones. 

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3 Responses to SLAVES OF A PHONE

  1. jerekoivu says:

    Paying your bills with smartphone is so easy! Half a year ago i noticed that i don’t use my computer almost at all anymore. Few months ago I get ropped when I was on vacation and they took my phone. When I get back to Finland the new iPhone 5s was comming so I need to wait it few months and handle my mobile life with very old Nokia(black and white- screen). It feels so hard to go to computer for every little thing what I need to chek from internet. Then I realize that I don’t want to get trough this kind of smartphoneless ever ever again!

  2. sunnycloset says:

    It is obvious that the smart phone is useful device. However as time goes by, smart phone interupte people to communicate each other. It’s a big problem. You’re blog posting talk about that one properly. Also, as you said, using smart phone when meeting some friend spoil the relationship between them. It’s quite serious problem I think. As you said smart phone is dual edged sword.

  3. Ihmettelen vaan says:

    I have to disagree with that comment of virtual reality. I think that reality on the phone is actual. For examble social networks brings many distant friends and persons who you have met through you live closer to you. In my opinion communication is real despite the media.

    Constant use of the smart phone when you meeting you friends, is just bad manner. Don´t blame the tool blame the people who use it.

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