We follow what is ‘hip and cool.’

A Trend, a commonly known term, but still it gets me wondering what does it really mean and how do we deal with ‘trends.’ Dictionary of words, such as Wikipedia, say trends are just tendencies of people doing something which summarizes into a measurable change in behaviour that ‘develops among a population of individuals.’ Trends tend to drive us.1

Do you follow?
Most of us follow trends and a follower always knows what is trendy and if he doesn’t know – he finds out.  We buy stylish wear, innovative smartphones and contemporary equipment. If something is trendy, it is more likely to get bought buy people. Corporations are trying hard to predict what will be trendy in future. Many people tend to be hip and cool by following, buying and wanting what is trendy. Businesses know how to take advantage of this kind of behavior. Knowledge, know-how and right predictions equals money.

At a premium.
Trendy things are in great demand. Some of these trends are making us feel the certain kind of necessity to get involved. So we are willing to pay more money than usually, because we consider trendy things special in our minds. Corporations are trying their best to sell and in order to hit big, they push and drive new kinds of movements, services and commodities to the market by selling all kinds of new utilities.
Bottom line.
Some of them are serious, some of them are casual.  In order to be fashionable, successful and affluent in your business (and in your life) you need to be aware of how, where and when people are changing their behavior and in which way. What is trendy now gets old quickly. Stay focused.

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