Manipulation in Marketing – Learn the tricks of the trade

Every one of us likes to think that we are not influenced by anything. At least not by anything we are not aware of. We might just find commercials funny, annoying or might not even pay any attention to them. But by no means do they affect our buying behaviour. No sir!

But what we might not even realize is that there are plenty of neat little tricks that marketers use to make up our minds. We are just left to think that it was us that made the decision. Now let me give you some insight into how these tricks work.

It has everything to do with three little words: learning, perception and memory. Let’s focus on perception first. More and more stores use different scents these days. For example, a smell of freshly baked bread makes you crave for that bread you wouldn’t have necessarily bought without smelling it. Another great example of the usage of different scents is using scented candles to make you more comfortable inside the store. The more comfortable you are, more likely you are to buy something from that store.  Also the music played inside stores has a great influence on your buying behaviour. The slower the music is the longer you will stay in the store, hence making you more likely to buy something.

Now let’s talk about learning and memory. Many products are associated with certain image. For example, Apple’s products are associated with creativity and hipsterness, if you will. Most of the consumers wouldn’t admit to buying Apple products just because of the image. Instead they would most likely refer to the specifications of the product in question. Many products are also associated with certain celebrities or movie characters. We will remember these associations and they will affect our buying behaviour.

Many times a company will also use a certain colour or logo in their advertisement. Seeing the logo or a certain colour will make us think of the company. That will make your more likely to buy the company’s products.

So as you have now learned. Your buying behaviour will most likely be influenced by a number of things, many of which you may not always even realize. Consider your minds blown.


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